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With all the recent online shopping how do you keep track of your orders and packages?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38640points) 4 weeks ago

Every day is a surprise for me.
“Oh! Yes! I did order that framistat. It was supposed to be a present for A – but I used it anyway. Oops!”.
Do you keep track? Do you make a spreadsheet?
I lose track and forget one second after I hit the “order” button.
Am I getting senile?

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Lol. I don’t order much.

Just keep a list and cross off the items when they arrive. Leave space for notes. When you do a return write that down too, and cross it out when you see the credit on your credit card.

I like a steno pad. You could do it on an excel sheet, but seems easier to just write it.

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I get email confirmations of the order. I used to file them in a folder called “Orders” but now there aren’t so many that I can look them up in my regular email if I need to.

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I don’t really keep track of the orders, but when I get a shipment (which seems like every day or every other day now), I will go to the store’s site and check my orders to see what was delivered today.

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I sued to file them in a folder called “Orders” ....

In what court did you file your suit? Tennis? Basketball? Public Opinion? ;-p

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^^ Aha you got me. But in time for me to edit. so there!

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I put a bookmark in my browser bar with the USPS/USP/Fed Ex tracking URL.

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I have somewhat lost track. Now I am often delightfully surprised.

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@canidmajor I, too, am pleasantly surprised.
“Oh look! A new battery for my trail camera! Just what I needed!”

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@LuckyGuy That happens to me too! (Except it’s not a new battery for my trail camera.) Oops Was that battery for you??

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It’s like getting extra presents!!! Yahoo!!!

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My husband is very detail oriented, keeps track with his smart phone app of every order.

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I get texts that alert me when items are shipped and when they have arrived.

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I write down the order, with the items, prices, and total, with the order number, and anticipated date of arrival in a little notebook just for that purpose, and also take a picture of the order while it’s still on the screen, to save in my phone. When the items arrive, I just check them off in the notebook.

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Wow! You are so organized!!!

I’m liking the idea of a notebook and writing it down. I can imagine making several columns:
Item, Store, Cost, Anticipated date, Reason (like: For the Pond, or Kyle’s BD present,) and a check box for Arrived.

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Love @Kardamom‘s idea too. I will use it.

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I’m kind of with @canidmajor – happy accidents! My friend who just left texted me that there’s a package on my porch. Wonder what it could be?

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Oooh, fun!!!

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@canidmajor It’s another “surprise” Christmas present from me to me. Added to the others on the “Christmas bed” to be opened on Christmas morning!

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Most of what I order comes from Amazon and they do most of the work for me. Once you’ve placed an order with them, it creates an order page.After placing an order, I go to the order page to see if it has been shipped. Once it shows as shipped, it will give you a tracking number. I’ve created an account with both UPS and FedEx. Any time they pick up an order for me, I receive a email updating me as to the status. With USPS you can enter the tracking number and request a status update by either email or text.All 3 of those will send an email to notify you that your package has been delivered which makes it convenient for me. I don’t worry about the order until it shows as “delivered” and then I know to go out and retrieve my package. Now, it’s not quite so easy to track the Prime deliveries. For those I go to the order page and watch the tracking as it progresses. Once it shows as “out for delivery” it will also give you a time window of when it should be delivered. Now, that window may be updated every hour or so depending on the problems the driver encounters along the way. I also receive an email from them when the driver s 10 stops from my house. At that point, I can keep an eye on the progress to the actual delivery. They also send an email when actually delivered. then I know to go out and retrieve

The main thing is to remember to check the website first thing every morning to verify that my orders are progressing as they should. After a while, you can spot little things that will let you know in advance if there is going to be a problem even without being notified in advance

Walmart has a similar setup. So far,I’m having no problem keeping up with my orders. I alsoget my emails on my cell which makes tracking so much easier

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@SEKA It must be nice being so organized. I get the morning email from USPS telling me a package is coming. I also get the emails from Amazon and other companies. My problem is that I am too lazy to coordinate and organize them. And I forget what it is. “Ooo. This one is coming from the fulfillment center. That helps. I feel so fulfilled.” Also I am not the only person in this house so I can’t tell if a package is coming for me or someone else. And I occasionally make the mistake of addressing packages to my grandchild even though I was the one who ordered it.
The notebook sounds like a good idea. I’ll start a page near the back of another notebook I use.

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A friend told me Amazon sells162,000 things per second. I can believe that.

I track mine by not deleting any email notification after I actually have the product in my hand and inspected.

Super fast to check several email accounts on a cellphone so they also function as reminder board for me.

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@mazingerz88 Yup, similar to what I do. No need to keep separate elaborate records (unless you want to @LuckyGuy !)

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@mazingerz88 That’s what I do too. So satisfying to delete an email after I’ve gotten the package!

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We order from several sites, so it is important to keep track of the expected delivery time/date. Most items, like food/groceries arrive as promised. E-Bay items tend to exceed delivery promises, so it’s a matter of staying home until it shows up.

Estimated arrival dates are noted on our wall calendar. This also includes bin pick-up (there are four different ones), and the SO’s work schedule (days or nights), so that we both are in sync on what is expected.

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My online purchases are few and usually about 2 months between.

I do most of my online shopping at Vitacost. Consequently, I created a Vitacost email filter that directs all of my messages from them to a Vitacost folder.

After I place my order, I go to said folder to check for the purchase confirmation.
Then about 12–24 hours later, I return there to check for a shipping notice.

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Usually when you do an online order, they send you an email about that order. I simply leave the email in my inbox until I have received the item and then I either save the email, depending on the company or, if it’s say, Amazon, I just delete it at that point.

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@SEKA I have the Amazon app so I don’t even have to go into my emails. It sends me a little notification on my phone letting me know the package is out for delivery.

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I used to keep a note on orders with anticipated delivery windows.

But since we are home all the time now, I only keep track of the more expensive packages.

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Since I wrote this question I have placed exactly zero orders.
The notebook is ready though.

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Since you wrote this question I have had three surprises! Betcha my way is funner. :-)

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@canidmajor I have a whole bunch of “surprises” from me to open on Christmas Day!

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My phone has alerted me five times when a package was delivered.

These phones are pretty convenient and they even fit in your pocket.

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