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Any guess as to how many Proud Boys, White Supremacist, or leaders of the Charlottesville rally will be found once all the faces are given names?

Asked by SEKA (6082points) January 8th, 2021

I thought I recognized the guy dressed much like a sexy version of Chewbacca from the recent Capitol riot as someone I had seen in other trump related disturbances. According to this Houston Chronicle article, he is a trump supporter who also follows QAnon. He’s given himself the moniker of Q Shaman. The Associated Press reported that he was also seen in the same signature headwear at a pro-Trump rally in Phoenix on Nov. 7, 2019.

In the first pic, the guy (in the red trump cap) standing to the left of Chewbacca is so brilliant that he was wearing his work badge around his neck. He has been fired from his job because of the actions he chose to take. I wonder which group he’s affiliated with?

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I have a surprisingly good feeling about the FBI lately and I think they bring at least some of them to justice. A few have lost their jobs already. Certainly not all will be caught but posting selfies was not the most brilliant act!

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@janbb I agree. Then again, trying to overrun the USA was not one of their brightest thoughts of the last 4 years. trump knows a lot of brilliant people but seems to thrive choosing the dumbest MF’s to follow

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@janbb The dumb ones are the only ones who would follow him.

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How many cops and Republican office holders?

So far we know about:
West Virginia House of Delegates member Derrick Evans
Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano
Missouri State Representative (and former cop) Justin Hill
Tennessee State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver
Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock

“Not gonna lie…..aside from my kids, this was, indeed, the best day of my life.” – Bexar County Texas Sheriff’s Office lieutenant Roxanne Mathai

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^And the WV house of Delegates low life Derrick Evans can’t even stand up for his supposed “beliefs”. He is now crying that he was only there to film the happenings. He totally forgot he was live streaming himself to his Facebook showing where he breached the capital and said live “This is Derrick Evans breaching the capital “.
I hope he loses his job. He can’t even be man enough to own up to his actions.
<rant over>

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@chyna…They are breathtakingly dumb.

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I think they’ll find a bunch of them.

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Richard Barnett, the man who sat in Pelosi’s s office has been arrested by the FBI in Arkansas:

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I hope this 24/7 news cycle that I complain about constantly plasters the prosecution of these people across the air waves for days and months! The American people and the world need to witness these trials. Not only we who want them punished, but also the people sucked into QAnon and other alt-right groups, who were radicalized, but who have a remote chance of snapping out of it, need to see and hear it.

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I’ve read that 17 ave been arrested so far. (CNN)

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A friend wrote this:

“I really don’t know what to make of the “patriots” who broke into the Capitol.
They had to know that storming a building is illegal. They had to know vandalism and theft is illegal. And yet…
They didn’t cover their faces. The took selfies. They gave interviews with reporters and gave their names, hometowns, and emails. They proudly posted their exploits on social media.
Where does the stupidity lie deepest?
Were they dumb enough to think they’d win and be heroes?
Were they dumb enough to think only their like-minded friends would see their posts?
Were they dumb enough to think there were too many of them to arrest?
Were they dumb enough to think their president will just pardon them?
I swear, they are too stupid to even be on the “Stupid Criminal List.” ”

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I would call it entitlement rather than stupidity and believe they were encouraged to think they would not be punished. There was definitely complicity from high places.

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Where does the stupidity lie deepest?

Right at the top. And Trump has not been damaged.

Were they dumb enough to think they’d win and be heroes?

So far that is what they are hearing. If punishment is not severe they will be do worse. We are in a critical time.

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@Dutchess_III I do think they are that dumb. They think they had permission from the President I guess. He’s been promising to pay legal fees since the first time he ran for office. Remember that? When he told people to beat some guy up

These people think they are saving the country. Some of them anyway. Others are what you always point out, stupid men with too much testosterone realign havoc. Some are outright criminals.

They feel like soldiers for God and country. Q people talk about being ready for battle. To me they are like ISIS. Cells all around the country and other parts of the world.

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The funniest one that I’ve seen so far was a Proud Boy who had been picked up by the FBI. Once released, he headed to the airport to fly home only to discover that he’s been added to the No Fly List. He was crying like a toddler about how unfair it was to put him on the list

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Awww, poor little Proud Baby. So sad when RWNJ terrorists are treated like terrorists. ;-)

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