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Farty Foods?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) September 8th, 2008

As typical high school students, some friends and I have taken up a contest in band class to see who can fart the loudest when it gets quiet. (Don’t Ask) Are there any foods in specific, aside from the obvious (baked beans), that will make me gassy?

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broccoli, cheese, beer, other dairy items, dried fruit, eggs, wheat bread, etc…

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Oh my god, garbonzo beans will clean you out!

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Potato chips and junk foods make me gassy.

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Just be careful of “slippage” – wouldn’t want to do that in public….unless you’re wearing some “Oops, I crapped my pants” adult diapers.

(Now I’m worried that everyone here is too young to get the SNL reference, and I’ll feel old.)

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chinese food walways gets me. the fried rice and stuff… oy vey.

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@syz: I’m 16, and I caught it. You’re good…for now.

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I have to second broccoli. Any of the dark green veggies, too.

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noted. thank you everyone!

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You could bring a Whoopee Cushion with you to band practice.

Inflate, then wait…

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cabbage, cucumbers

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is anyone seeing this as a disturbing sign of the education of our youth and their future?


oops, i crapped my pants!

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turkey – you can be the band and smell it too.

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I cannot recall writing the above. Did I really write that?

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