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Is there a dealership that is built for people on disability?

Asked by socialmedia26 (62points) 1 month ago

I’m looking to buy a car but I’m having trouble getting approved. Are there any dealers that specialize in getting people on disability approved? I would prefer as close to PA as possible but I’m willing to travel anywhere in the country.

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@socialmedia26 Very good question. There is certainly a need.

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You can get a loan from anywhere willing to give you the money, it doesn’t have to be through the dealership.

I don’t know where to direct you, but maybe you can do a google search or ask in a group for people who are on disability and that will give you more answers if no one here has a specific answer.

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Is your disability through the military by any chance? Many years ago I got a loan from USAA to buy a car.

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Check with your bank.

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@kritiper I dont have good enough credit for that.

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