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How do I get over a hangover?

Asked by josereyes0 (1points) August 3rd, 2007 from iPhone
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Drink lots of water the night of and take tylenol before you go to bed. Always worked like a charm for me. Ive also noticed that darker liquors, beer and wine tend to produce hangovers vs lighter or clear stuff.

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replenish your self after drinking with lots of gatorade and as nebrow said take a tylenol b4 going to bed. When you wake, have a strong black coffee

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Do not *ever* take Tylenol or anything with acetaminophen after drinking alcohol! It can cause liver failure!
Like the previous posters said keep yourself hydrated and if you have a headache take ibuprofen or naproxen.

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I personally am a fan of taking alka selzer before bedtime. I usually take it at least an hour before bedtime, and in the morning, guess what? hangover. When I wake up I usually have a good breakfast followed by a day of rehydration.

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Non-aspirin pain relievers, sports drinks, mild food, cysteine capsules

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smoke a FAT blunt when u wake up

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I second the don't take Tylenol due to liver damage. I've heard that for years. Aspirin, water and sleep.

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Your body as well as water also needs salts and minerals that have been lost during drinking and visiting the toilet… A good tablet or two like a multivitamin and/or multimineral is a good thing to complement the water. Alternatively take some mineral added salt and get that down with some water. Keep drinking water or gatorade throughout the day. Cheers!

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