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FB users - when someone names you in a FB challenge do you respond?

Asked by janbb (60912points) January 18th, 2021

I will never share because someone tells me they know only 3% of their friends will share. I don’t respond to emotional blackmail. But this is different. Say someone tags you in a photo or book challenge like post the covers of books you like for 25 days with no explanation. I don’t want to do them either. Do I owe the person who tags me an explanation or can I just ignore it?

This question is in General and should be answered by Facebook users only. I don’t want to hear from people who don’t use and can’t stand Facebook. Those will be flagged (and possibly flagellated.)

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I ignore those. I’m not into it. Nobody has ever asked me why I didn’t do it.

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Never. It’s an invasion of my privacy and autonomy.

In one case, I was so pissed off that I unfriended them.

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Generally no.

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No, I never participate in those kinds of things. Even when they say Jesus knows if you don’t acknowledge him. You will get unfriended immediately.
I very seldom post anything, and it’s usually my dog’s birthday once a year.

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Rarely, but once in a while I do.

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So you all would just ignore and not let the person know? Like I said, I don’t mean the blackmail ones but the ones for photo requests, etc. What this was about specifically was a 10 day proud Grandma challenge. My granddaughter is not a new baby and I only post pictures of her when I want to.

A friend tagged me and I am happy to admire her new grandson. So you think it’s ok not to tell her that I’m not participating?

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Yes. I would ignore.

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I ignore those. If they persist (meaning more than once), I will unfollow them.

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99% of those I ignore. The “cancer sucks” ones, however, I never share but I comment a list of things that are actually helpful to do instead of share. My tone is probably just a tad pissy, but really, I get frustrated.

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Usually, I ignore. Maybe if it’s a friend who I chat with regularly I would let them know I’m not going to do it. I don’t think it’s necessary though.

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Thanks all!

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No, I ignore and provide no explanation. No one has ever asked why I don’t do them. I don’t get tagged as much anymore but occasionally it happens. I don’t care enough to do it although some are kind of cute.

I want to take this post as a reason to share the following: (even though most people have said they ignore, it’s still a good thing to know)

Some people will tag you in posts that ask questions such as “What was the street you lived on as a kid?” or “What was the first car you got” NEVER answer those as those can be used to hack accounts (not just facebook) and it’s not good! Those “questions” tend to be common security questions. It’ll be a post of like 10 questions to answer, too.

As a pro tip: It’s actually best to not answer the security questions properly. For example, answer the question “What was your first car?” with “Purple Butterflies” Makes it harder to be guessed/ figured out.


No I don’t participate in these kinds of posts.

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I do not.

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I once answered name a movie that starts with A and another time Name a book with the name of a color in the title, but mostly not. I never share posts that tell me to.

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