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Did Trump hold his own rally today?

Asked by LostInParadise (31813points) January 20th, 2021

Trump talked about having his own rally just before Biden’s inauguration. There was talk of having a 21 gun salute. I searched the Web and did not find anything. Did Trump carry through with this? Some people said that he would have a hard time getting people to attend. I am not sure which I would prefer more – Trump acting properly and not trying to upstage the inauguration, or Trump going through with it and not having anybody show up.

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He had a pretty lame farewell salute at the air force base before he skedaddled. Pence didn’t even go. I didn’t watch or care.

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No rally in Florida, just a few hundred people on his route to Mar-a-Lago.

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Yes, in DC before his getaway.

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The funerary exit from the White House is on you tube. It is about as somber an event as you would expect commemorating so significant a disgrace. Trump got his 4 feet of red carpet, from an obscure White House door to the lawn. He and his captive wife slipped from the building, covered the carpet in 2 strides, onto the lawn and straight to the helicopter with all the cheer and enthusiasm of a couple traversing a sleet storm. No waves, smiles or acknowledgement of the small group of folks assembled for the “service”, the couple were appropriately draped in black and boarded the chopper without pause or so much as the wave of a hand. A minute later a procession of some 4 men followed single file, each bearing 2 bags or suitcases apiece (one per arm). The man bringing up the rear of the parade was in military uniform. The luggage was quickly loaded and without further adieu, the chopper took out the trash.

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NBC’s version of 45’s final moments!!! I got a LOT of pleasure of hearing of ALL those who turned him down for his party…opting to go to Biden’s inauguration instead!!! Also, every entertainer who performed at the inauguration had turned 45 down back i 2016 & supposedly he is majorly pissed.

Oops, almost forgot. 45 offered every invitee the opportunity to bring a +5 & still they refused!!!

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The “rally” was at Andrews Air Force base. Slim crowd. Brief speech,21 gun salute, then back on the plane. It was early in the morning so any VIPs could easily have attended both events.

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