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Do you or someone you know have a metal roof and , if so, do you like them?

Asked by Aster (20016points) January 23rd, 2021

I doubt HOA’s would allow them but they look so sleek and clean. Tired of looking at Texas mold. What are your thoughts on metal roofs?

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We don’t have those in New England. But I did put a metal roof on my chicken coop, and feel a bit guilty about it. It’s really loud when it rains.

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Some standing seam metal roofs have been around since the Victorian era. They will last indefinitely if kept painted.

On a new, vintage style farmhouse they would be my third choice behind slate and tile, if money were no object. I’d prefer them over asphalt shingles definitely.

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The people across the road have a metal roof but I don’t like them.

“Rain José Feliciano”:

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Wait, @Aster

Do you mean do we like the person who has the metal roof, or do we like metal roofs?

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I have a 30 ft x 40 ft pole barn with a metal roof and the noise is incredible when it rains or squirrels drop nuts on it.
A metal roof on a home is a different animal. It is attached to plywood with sheathing so they are quiet.

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@doyendroll Why do you not like the people across the road?

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Metal roofs are smart and in some places required where forest fires are a danger. I help maintain a cabin and never have noticed noise. And that is without an attic. There is also a pole barn on the site and that is noisy in the rain.

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I like modern metal roofs, several neighbors have them. We redid our shed with residential metal. Look nice and stand up to tornados and weather better than shingles.
Sheet metal is a whole different thing and not for residential but chicken coops or barns.

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Pretty much every new construction or roof re-do in this area uses metal rooves, and I’ve been living under one for 11 years. I think they look great, they go on really fast, last longer, and are (at least around here) the best, cheapest, option. They aren’t really any noisier inside, and they snow shed well too if that is an issue.

In Texas, I’d do some research before committing to a metal roof. They seem to get super hot in the sun. and I’m not sure, but wouldn’t be shocked if metal was the hottest roof for hot climates.

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