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Is the Genius feature coming to iPhone in 2.1?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) September 10th, 2008

I’m looking and looking but I can’t find out if this feature is coming, generally I would expect it would but all too often Apple screw people around to differentiate their products from one another. I’m curious to know if we, the iPhone users, will get this feature.

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well, it’s already on the touch, so….yeah it’s comming

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That isn’t necessarily accurate, Apple are bastards when it comes to making their products really similar and then screwing you around by limiting the features, like how they handicapped the iPod Touch until the January Software Update to keep iPhone users happy with their ‘more feature-packed’ devices.

Does anyone have any actual Apple page that says it’s coming?

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let’s put it like this, it’s in nano’s and touches, possibly coming for the classic, why wouldn’t they put it in their flagship phone ?

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Because they’re all iPods. The point I’m trying to make is that they may not put it in there to make the iPods more appealing than the iPod in the iPhone.

If they were planning to put it in then I’m curious to see when and how because no one has mentioned it as being in the iPhone 2.1 update as far as I am aware, I know it would make sense to put it in there, but it would have made sense to put a few more USB ports on the MacBook Air and Apple didn’t do that. Hell they didn’t even allow iPod Touch users to add calendar events for the first 2 months.

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BUT!...the phone is the flagship and the touch is a copy without the calling function, so why would they cripple the flagship ? exactly, trust me, it’ll be in there, even better, here’s a little proof i dug up:

As pointed out in another thread, this linked kbase article states, ”...creating and editing Genius playlists is available on iPhone and on these iPod models…”

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That’s all I needed, not some lecture about flagship products. Thank you and good night.

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it wasn’t a lecture, it was a way of helping you understand why..

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I know why they would do it, but I also know why they wouldn’t.

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iwa, I think blue was trying to make the point that if the iphone got all the good features, what would make someone wanna spend the money on a touch? Hopefully the phone will have it.

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I would assume that the iPhone WILL have this feature. As a Touch owner, I’ve been repeatedly screwed by Apple’s attempts to diminish the Touch’s appeal through gimping its features. Examples include not letting you add/modify calendar events, charging for basic services (Notes), and charging for software updates. Since Apple makes a constant, monthly stream of income from iPhones, they have always made the features on that device a priority.

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at the moment I’d be happy if my computer would just recognize the damn phone was connected

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The iPhone is NOT the flagship product, and it is not part of the iPod lineup. If you look at what products Apple actually moves- they sells far more iPod nanos then any other product they offer. It only makes sense for them to push it to the forefront of their iPod lineup.

Also, the “Let’s Rock” event was an iPod/iTunes event. That’s why they focused on their announcements regarding those products.

That being said, they have already stated that they will bring the Genius playlist functionality to the iPhone with the 2.1 update.

And P.S. – Apple no longer makes a monthly income stream on the iPhone. That part of their agreement with AT&T has been restructured, which is why the iPhone 3G is so much less expensive then the iPhone 2G was- because Apple relinquished those monthly kickbacks in favor of a more traditional lump subsidy payment.

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