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Do laser pointers hurt cats?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) September 10th, 2008

I have a laser pointer that I use to entertain my two cats, but I’m not sure if it hurts their eyes or not….I think I’ve even heard the rumor that it can cause them to go crazy.

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Uh, no. It could be bad if you shine it directly into their face, so be careful not to do that. But otherwise, it’s a great form of exercise.

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If you shine it into their eyes, and the laser comes into contact with the cat’s retina, it will damage the retina and eliminate sight from that eye. There is a slight risk, so try to be mindful of where you point the beam. ;)

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Retina damage doesn’t happen instantly… laser pointers sold at pet stores and that are marketed for pets would take quite an extended period of constant exposure time for that to happen. It’s not as though it shoots the retina in half the first time it happens.

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wow. thanks…;) The laser pointer I use (at work) WOULD cause instant blindess. I don’t use them to play with cats…. See, ya learn something new every day here.

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Right. But if you’re stupid enough to use a real laser to play with a cat, maybe you shouldn’t have a cat. So that was sort of a moot point. I wouldn’t expect anyone asking this question to use a real laser.

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Sooo…cats, huh? Lasers too…How ‘bout that?

seriously, my sides are hurting from laughter

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Hey, you got your laser pointer in my cat!
Hey, you got cat all over my laser pointer!

Cats and laser pointers go together like chocolate and peanut butter!

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Not unless, of course, the laser pointer leads a particular cat to jump face first from the stairwell balcony. This is the opposite of being an active cat at that point.

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..also good to make sure the cat isn’t lead into a wall by chasing the laser light.

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