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Why are my outgoing emails getting stuck in Nashville?

Asked by JLeslie (65558points) June 5th, 2021 from iPhone

The problem is in outlook. I’m staying in a hotel in a city just outside of Nashville and my outgoing emails are sitting in the outbox, I can’t get them to move. I am receiving emails with no problem.

A year and a half ago I was staying in an apartment in Nashville and I had the same problem.

My email in gmail, a completely separate email address, works fine.

I’m afraid to try to fix the email that isn’t working, because then it might not work at home, but eventually I will need it to work in both places.

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Might there be some kind of limit on the amount of emails that you can have? I know at work, before they upgraded their Outlook, if I had too many things in all the boxes (inbox, sent, deleted) I couldn’t send any thing. I’d have to delete the deleted (as I referred to it) in order to be able to send again.

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Maybe shift to Gmail? Here’s a comparison:

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Your hotel may have some port blocked on its network that isn’t letting stuff go through.

For example, port 25 (unsecured SMTP) is often blocked because it used for spamming – many email providers have moved to port 587 (secured SMTP) because you have to log in and prove your identity to send email.

I would check your email client settings to see what it is using for outbound email – 90% chance that I am correct.

Or you could go to a nearby Starbucks – they don’t block much of anything.

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I’ve been on trains and other forms of transport that clutch the access to certain sites or that take up too much data exchange. Were the emails particularly large data packets with video or photo attachments?

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Maybe those messages don’t want to leave because they have dreams of making it big in country music? (I think @elbanditoroso ‘s idea seems more likely, though.)

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Also… why is this in ‘social’? I’m getting mighty confused about these categories. rules seem a bit random and fluid.

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@sorry The poster decides what category to post in depending on what range of answers they want. Sometimes they can request that the mods switch it from one category to another.

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I always like Social because if there’s something slightly off-topic, but may be helpful, it’s not deleted.

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And since it is social, immediately on reading it, compels the Dylan lyric “to be stuck outside of Mobile with those Memphis blues again”.

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This question seemed quite technical and straight forward in nature, so the need to open it up to silliness seemed counter to its objective. Am I to infer, then, because this is in Social, JLeslie is hopeful to hear silly answers?

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My guess is @JLeslie might want to answer that.

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@stanleybmanly, “stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again”

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That sounds like a country western pop song and I don’t listen to that genre.

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‘Wasting away again, in Mobile Data again’...... ‘Outlook, not so good with my salt’.

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I almost put it in general, but similar to @jca2, I usually prefer social 95% of the time because the answers might wander over to some other piece of information that’s very useful. I don’t like mods deleting off-topic answers when they might contain something I want to know.

@elbanditoroso That would apply to Outlook specifically and not gmail? What’s so odd is this happened at a hotel and a rental both in Nashville, and hasn’t happened to me in other cities.

If I try to switch it will it still work at my house, or I’ll have to switch it back again?

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Gmail is web based email and Outllook is server based. If you can get a web browser open you can use gmail and other server based emails must use a STMP like @elbanditoroso said above.

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@JLeslie Have you considered asking the concierge or reception desk if others in the hotel have had the same problem with Outlook? If it is a server issue, maybe they know the solution.

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Great answers. Thank you all. Very helpful.

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Sounds like you are using the Outlook application on your computer, and it has trouble connecting.

Use the browser version of your email ( or whatever). Then there is no local cache.

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@Tropical_Willie answered what I would have – I wasn’t home – was at a birthday party.

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