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What will an alien intelligence make of us once you tube content arrives for their consideration?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24025points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I mean there isn’t a single aspect to our existence, and for that matter, anything else that isn’t covered in depth.

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I hope so. I especially hope they look at all the stupid stunts that people have done and posted on YouTube and get the idea that Earthlings are real idots. The, they’ll be easier for us to beat when the try to take over.

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Fear not. Those transmissions will be preceded by shows like Jackass, Fear factor, The Dudesons, Tokyo Shock Boys, and hundreds of others. Those aliens will not be surprised.

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That we aint worth a second look.
That might be a good or maybe a bad thing.

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Better than old black and white sit-coms!

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They already think we are idiots having seen al the Milton Berle drag skits form the 1950s.

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“And we wonder why a UFO won’t just land, and say hello”. George Carlin.

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