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What’s your latest food jag?

Asked by JLeslie (65512points) July 10th, 2021 from iPhone

I use the term loosely. Food jag usually describes childhood eating habits, but as an adult I sometimes get on a jag where I eat a certain dish a lot and then I don’t eat it for a while. I don’t eat it morning noon and night, but it just winds up on my plate a lot.

My latest is making pico de gallo with an excessive amount of lemon and pairing it with chicken and rice. My husband says it’s not pico because I use so much lemon. I don’t like plain fresh tomatoes, I need to alter the flavor a lot by adding other ingredients.

I recently put it with breaded meat (breaded with Italian bread crumbs) but I make breaded meat maybe twice a year. The chicken has been anything from chicken tenders, rotisserie chicken, sautéed chicken and grilled.

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I have as many koolade jammers that I want. However I usually only had two.

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I don’t have a ‘jag’ at this moment, but I always thought that recipes from movies might be kind of fun.

Think of making a dinner based on the recipes that Hannibal Lecter created in Silence of the Lambs.

Or perhaps the sumtuous dinner that was served aboard the train in Murder on the Orient Express. (either one)

I’m sure you can think of others.


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Chocolate Babka! I had it in my childhood and recently discovered it in Wegmans.
My grandmother used to slice it so thin you could see through it. I tried slicing it with a bread knife and made a mess. Now I use an electric carving knife and can make nice clean edges. Even though I can, I don’t slice it thin!

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@elbanditoroso “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”, 1989 has some interesting recipes.

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Cherry Plumbs are in the stores. There is a short window of availability, so I’m trying to get my fix until next year.

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@gorillapaws I’m going to look for them. I hope they aren’t very expensive. I’ve never tried one. The cherries have been very good lately so I’ve been buying them. I only buy them in season.

Edit: it says I need to live in England, TX, or China to get them.

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@JLeslie That’s to buy them directly from the website. There are several grocery chains in VA that carry them (Publix). I’m not sure about your area.

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I’m on a burrito and tostada binge. I use either pinto beans and rice or black beans and quinoa. Once in awhile I put chicken on them. I use sun dried tomato or spinach based flour tortillas, lots of guacamole and salsa, sometimes homemade , sometimes store-bought.

@JLeslie cherry tomatoes are available here in Southern California. I know that doesn’t help you. I personally prefer those big juicy steak tomatoes which are very hard to find here.

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@JLeslie My local Walmart carries cherry plums.

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Shakshouka. Every few years I have a craving that can’t be squelched, so I make up a big pot of the pepper-tomato-onion stuff, portion and freeze it, then use it to poach whatever protein I’m in the mood for, in whatever cultural style I favor at that moment.

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Taco’s. We’ve been having them 2–3 times a week for a month. Too hot and humid to eat much.

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I recently found a way to make potato salad like my Mothers.

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Chili from scratch once a month; tomorrow is Clam and Hot Sausage White Chili.

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@Tropical Is that a normal dish there? Sounds interesting.

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I checked online and it looks like my Publix has Verry Cherry Plumbs. It didn’t come up in my Neighborhood Walmart, but maybe one of the larger Walmart’s near me, I didn’t change the store.

I have 4 Publix’s within 5 miles, so hopefully I find some if not this week next week. I can just go to one of the other stores if I don’t find them the next time I go shopping.

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@JLeslie I hope you get a chance to try them. You’ll have to let us know what you think if you do.

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No @KNOWITALL it was just what I felt like making. We had three small cans of chopped clams and I bought a pound of Italian Hot sausage. Sometimes I use two pounds of boneless skinless chicken thighs or a pound of hamburger and a pound of sausage.
Forty years ago I entered some Chili Cook-offs and I would use cubed bottom round roast, one inch cubes, I’d start cooking more the 24 hours before the Cook-off.

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Burrata with charred spring onion dressing and sourdough for lunch on the weekend.

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Scrimp as a side with small steak and salad.
Also purchased a large salmon filet that I cut into 3 inch pieces and stored in zip lock bags for separate meals.
Trying variety of salads, Asian especially but without cabbage in it are so healthy.( some had small cubed) sweet potatoes in it..nice change up.
Usually summer time I eat less than in winter.

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My latest food jag is homemade Salmon Burgers.
Mostly because I love salmon and, well its grilling season for Burgers.

I have several recipes, but My goto recipe is:

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