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Have you ever felt lightning move through your body?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44092points) 1 month ago

We had a wild lightning storm move through our campsite a bit ago. One burst, right over my head in the bedroom, was so loud it sounded like a transformer blew in my bedroom!
Rick was downstairs and he said he felt it move through his body.
I would have e scoffed but I’ve felt it too, once before.
My 1st husband and I were standing in the living roomof our duplex (probably arguing about something.) There was a thunderstorm breaking all around us.
Suddenly I felt electricity move through my body. It was like a. tickling sensation that made a slow, but definitely progression through my body from left to right. It gently lit up every nerve I had. It lasted about 4 seconds.
My husband looked at me and said “Did you feel that??!!”
I nodded mutely…then the bolt hit right across the street. Bejebus it was loud!

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But I’ve won the lottery once.

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Obviously, it’s not actually lightning moving through your body since that would either kill or severely injure you. But when lightning is about to strike, the air gets charged with static electricity. This can cause the tingling or tickling sensation you describe. And if you’re close enough to where the bolt will strike, the feeling can quite strong.

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Yes, back when I was fighting a monkey man on a planet with blue grass.

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Ok, have you ever felt the static electricity move through your body before a lightning strike? It’s pretty freaky.

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I have been close enough to lightning to feel something – it was like a tightening of my skin and maybe a small rush of blood.

I was located about 100 feet from where I think the lightning hit. There was a tree but I don’t think it hit the tree.

My impression was that it was a wierd sensation but it passed within seconds.

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I felt it literally move through my body from right to left. I just froze in order to concentrate on the feeling. The lightning hit about 100 feet away (outside) on my left.

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I had the hair on my arms stand up and tickle about 2 seconds before lightning struck in my immediate area. I even got a shock on my foot that was near the hot water baseboard heat register.
There was enough time for me to think “This feeling is weird. Like static elect—” and then, Blam!
There was no damage.

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No, but I have had it right next to me several times that it shook the ground and I could feel it like when music is turned up very loud and you feel the bass in your body. So, I really was feeling the thunder I guess, but as you know when lightening is close the thunder is basically at the same moment.

I know three people who were “hit” by lightening. One of my friends it was very pronounced and she said she was different forever after. I don’t remember exactly what was different. Another he was in his car, and he felt the electricity and it burnt out some fuses in the car. He could still drive it, he made it to my house. I didn’t know him, he was fixing something at my house. Another was a friend of a friend, her experience was hair on ends. Supposedly, she vowed never to be outside in a storm again.

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No, hope never to. Hell with that..never been big on lightening storms anyway.

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Several times, but not lately. I’ve hat every hair on my body, including my head, prickle.

Sex when the air is like that is awesome.

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Maybe the concussion from the clap of thunder would move through your body, but electricity travels through you so fast that you don’t feel it traveling, it just seriously gets your attention. Take it from someone who once came in contact with an old-fashioned “Weed Burner” electric fencer. YOW!

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Oh God, me too @kritiper. Knocked me on my butt and I lost 10 seconds of my life!

@JLeslie…I was inside, in my living room when it happened to me.

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@Dutchess_III One of my very close friends had a bolt come into her living room. It fried a wall. She never talked about if she felt it. I need to ask her. I think she was home.

The bolts that have been right near me, the closest was probably 100 feet away. I know the one that hit a tree on my property was 150 feet away and still felt like it was on top of me, but not the electricity feeling, just the shake the ground feel the sound of the crack in your body.

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