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If a woman in Texas can't get an abortion under the Govenors law, can she sue him for prenatal care if she isn't insured?

Asked by Pandora (30284points) 3 weeks ago

Also, if a woman can’t get an abortion because of the Governor’s new law and it is essentially against Federal law, then can she sue him for all medical costs up to delivery and maybe even childcare and medical care for the child.

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Ha! Why not? In terms of simple human fairness it’s what Abbot and the rest of his Fetus Police deserve.

But the reality is that any governor or legislature can escape the kind of civil liability you’re talking about by claiming protection under the soveriegn immunity doctrine.

It’s a long held precedent that all courts recogize and are reluctant to overturn.

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So they can force poverty on someone at will is what I’m hearing. So if they decided to overturn laws that protect people from racism they could do that without reprocussions? Lets say they said they wanted to free employers from being sued because they hire only white people. Nothing to stop them? Why not just name them King of their state if Federal laws can just be overwritten or ignored at their will.

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@Pandora – Yep. Courts, or voters in some states, can overturn laws that are unconstitutional or against public policy.

But the ass-sucking politicians who pass those garbage statutes never pay or go to jail.

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@Pandora Stop giving them ideas.

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Of course not. Republicans dont think about the the consequences of their actions.

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Can I sue Texans who obstruct sex education and contraception distribution, for causing abortions?

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What are you. a socialist commie? We only worry about the fetus. A full term, birthed baby and his or her single mom don’t rate. No political fodder to score with out base by helping them in any way. Get with the program. And the Constitution only applies to wanna be Rambo types. Women have no rights.

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@Nomore_lockout I’m trusting you are being sarcastic about the Republican attitude in Texas.

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Believe me, I am. If I can’t laugh at these ass clowns I’ll lose my mind. @Pandora

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And that IS their attitude. Why else would they froth at the mouth over the slightest mention of common sense gun control legislation, and holler about their rights, and at the same time talk about and then legislate severe penalties for a woman needing an abortion? These people are not right in the head. Yes I was being sarcastic, but not by much,

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