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If you’re William Shatner, will you go to space?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26685points) 1 month ago from iPhone
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It’s difficult to try to imagine what I would think were I him.
I wouldn’t want anything to do with Bezos’ pastime.
Said someone who just got delivered his cat backpack that he ordered yesterday evening…

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Why not.

Forget science. Billionaires, movie stars, politicians… space is the new Vegas.

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Only if they got the Enterprise up and running.

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I think one reason Shatner might be going, is so he can momentarily lose about 300 pounds. ;-)

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If I’m William Shatner, I’m age 90 and obese. I doubt that I’m planning any space trips.

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That’s a great PR piece. Is he going for free?

I wouldn’t go on that space ship, but I guess Shatner is willing.

I think people are interested in leaving the earth’s atmosphere or they aren’t with little in-between.

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Probably not a good idea considering he’s not in the best of health.

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@JLeslie For some reason I thought they will pay him to go. Get a celebrity up there as competitive response to Elon’s recent successful launching of civilians up there.

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Maybe when he passes on his body will be sent out into space?
I would if I were him.

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@JLoon … space is the new Vegas.

Bring on the goodfellas!

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Nope. To old. And going into real space is a younger persons thing. It ain’t Hollywood.

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Beam me up Scotty!

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He’s a grumpy old fart. They tried to celebrate after wards with some champagne, and he looked like he was pissed off. Take it with a grain of salt Shatner, you’re lucky you survived that at your age.

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^^Didn’t see a grumpy fart. Old yes. I would have the same reaction most likely. See death in the blackness out there where humans die without self-generated oxygen. And look back down at the beauty and grandeur of life-sustaining Mother Earth that humanity today seems to neglect and not appreciate enough.

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