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Could you keep your focus on a Star Trek the Next Generation Starship Enterprise considering you will be allowed to use the holodeck for recreation?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11409points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Supposing can use the holodeck(s) relatively often, you could dream up nearly any reality imaginable to lose yourself in. Indeed, this is the plot of at least one of the shows.

How can one have a good work life balance, when for a significant fraction of the week one can spend time as a powerful galactic emperor, for instance. Or, perhaps as a starship captain…

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Counselor Troi and I think that’s the perfect work/life balance.

Please make it so ;)

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During the time I was supposed to be working, for sure, I’d be thinking of my next visit and what the setup will be.
I hope Counselor doesn’t get a printout of my activity.

The Green Girl might appear someplace on deck.

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It depends on just what kind of recreation I get to do on the holodeck. And who I get to do it with and just how I feel about her.

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@kritiper In my version the activity and participants are left up to the user. Enjoy!

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@LuckyGuy Yeah. Warf did it.

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Essentially, every member of the crew has their own personal Narnia.

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I wonder what kind of “coat hanger” or other marker they hang on the door as a signal that someone is “busy” in there?

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