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If you were eating lets say an apple, and then you smelled a shampoo bottle, would the apple taste like shampoo?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) September 13th, 2008
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That’s what she said.

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Nah… It would smell of shampoo tho.

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Perhaps, it would depend on how much you breathed in, how strong of a scent the shampoo was and whether or not it travelled down your nasal passages and onto your tongue.

May I ask why the question?

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Have you accidentally been munching on the Suave again?

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My daughter’s shampoo is Green Apple scented. Don’t know why I wrote this, but here it is, just the same.

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2late2be is referring to the fact that your sense of taste is heavily influenced by your sense of smell.

We actually did this in high school; we ate an orange while smelling lavender.

Basically no, we didn’t end up with a taste of lavender, but we did end up not being able to taste the orange particularly well.

While your sense of smell doesn’t dictate your sense of taste, it does heavily support it. Hence, people who lose their sense of smell in one way or another often report that they cannot distinguish taste quite as well as they used to.

Try it for yourself.

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It’s true that those two senses are closely connected. My maternal grandmother had virtually no sense of taste. She used to try and give me milk that had obviously turned. It smelled rancid but she couldn’t tell. She would then drink a sip to show that it was fine and then expect me to drink it. Of course it was awful but she couldn’t tell. It would have to come out in clumps before she would toss it.
Also, I used to have this prescribed medicated balm that I would put on my dry, cracked elbows. It was so pungent that I could actually taste it. I was a strange sensation.

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@2lateebe seems like a simple experiment would answer your question

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