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How would you feel if you won 236 million dollars in a lottery?

Asked by omtatsat (1229points) 1 month ago

Somebody won 236 million in the Euro Millions lottery yesterday. Would it mess up your life? For many it does.

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I would start my own science foundation, and allow every one to have access to the toys.

I would hire a private dietitian/nutritionist to plan my IBS friendly meals.

I would start my own charted open online university for every one; Even if they are a high school dropout. Also I would grant degrees to any one who passes the course materials, with out taking courses that they are not interested in.

I would allow students to take general studies past the bachelor level.

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I would be not amused, because it should be $255.193.400,00

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It would mess up those who don’t deserve it in the first place, aka those who are bad with money. Those who aren’t would be fine.

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Life would suddenly become less fun for me.

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I’d feel very confused because I don’t even play the lottery.

Then I’d feel paranoid that I got hold of someone else’s winning ticket and probably go into hiding.

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It would be freeing for me.

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How would I feel? Pretty darned good!

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I would start by consulting with a wealth management specialist. Someone in my family does that for a living, for a top Wall Street firm, so I would go to her. I’d set up a trust, or several trusts, to protect the money from creditors and predators.

I’d also change my Will, to reflect the new changes.

Then I’d look into giving some away to needy friends and family. I’d make a list of who I think should get some – maybe one million each for the closest 10 people, and less each for a few more. After that, I’d think about what I want to do with the rest of my life.

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I’d be all “fuck yeah!”

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Pretty darn good. No doubt about it.

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Relieved followed by nervous filled by excited followed by relieved.

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I’d be happy and very relieved to be able to jettison various concerns and to change my employment relationships, as well as to be able to do similar for most people I care about, and to help causes I care about, and so on.

It would not mess up my life. Quite the opposite.

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The first thing would be to make sure no one knows. I am happy to share this windfall, but I don’t want to be hounded and stalked by leeches.
I suppose I could tell those who find out that I won the Squid Game
I know enough people who are hurting that I would help. I would also like to help groups I don’t know (like Haitians).

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I’d be happy.
Ahem. My cousin won 90 million in the lottery. She was happy.

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@Dutchess_III: Did she help out anybody in the family, or any friends?

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Well she took the extended family on an Alaskan cruise. There are a million family members in the PNW and they all grew up together.
As far as helping individuals, IDK, but I assume she would. She didn’t let it go to her head.

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I would feel great! I would prefer to not release my name if it’s not automatically part of the public record.

My husband would quit his job,

I’d help my sister and my husband’s parents in a way that hopefully doesn’t tip my hand that I came into a lot of money, but is a huge help to them.

I’d buy a new house and a couple of cars for my husband.

Buy land and make a racetrack for my husband. Maybe build a small community on the land where my friends and family can come visit and vacation. I’ve always wanted to develop a small town. It could be built around the racetrack.

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I’d stay the same and wouldn’t change anything.

Just a simple girl with a crummy job and $236 mil.

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Preferably, it wouldn’t mess up my life. There would be all of the financial red tape to work through, but hopefully the ending would be worthwhile.

My partner would be able to retire a few years early, as he has earned it. We would be able to travel to some countries on our bucket list while we still can. If need be, we (or one of us) could live out the years in a decent care home.

Anything left over has already been dedicated in our wills to a charity we both have agreed upon. If something comes up in the meantime, we would consider that as well.

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I would worry, several years ago; on a street parallel to our street, the guy was shot (died in hospital) and his girlfriend piston whipped (broken jaw) because someone thought he won big in a casino in New Jersey. It was the same street number as ours. They arrested the perps all from out of the city. The perps got murder one. . . !

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Does anyone win the whole amoount?

In the US, of someone won $236 million dollars, the Feds would take 30–40% and the state another 10%. So the winner might end up with $140million at best.

A nice sum, but not the whole enchilda.

Let’s say it would a very nice challenge to try to overcome.

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I would invest it wisely by buying all of the businesses in a small town and giving them inappropriate names and logos, but otherwise keeping them exactly as they were. I would feel pretty happy shopping at “Big Hole Donut Emporium.”

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I would immediately buy a Shelby Cobra

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I would buy a hella 5th wheel!

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I don’t know but I think an island might be fun.

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Fluther Island.

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I think the reason so many people do poorly after winning the lottery, is that winners are overrepresented by those who play it a lot. It’s the only disease that can suddenly make a sufferer rich beyond their imagination. Not surprisingly, huge winfalls don’t solve the underlying risk/reward deficiencies avid lottery players tend to have.

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I don’t know if it would mess up my life (not having experienced that), but I suspect it would. Here is what I would hope to do: I would have to make sure that I had a decent (not a mansion!) house to live in (with maybe a bit extra room to rescue some more cats!), and a reliable car. I would open a savings account, so that I would prepared for when I eventually had to replace said car (or for anything else.) I would still work my part-time job. Oh, and maybe hire someone to cook healthy meals for me, because I do horribly with cooking healthy food. After that, a large part of it would go to my church and charity.

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