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Have you listened to Adele’s brand new album “30”?

Asked by rockfan (13064points) 1 week ago from iPhone

If so, what did you think of it?

I’m a massive fan of her music, but personally, I was really disappointed with it, specifically with the production. There’s a lot of misplaced electronic sounds, processed vocals, and awkward background singing throughout the album, which is unusual for her. However, I loved “Easy On Me” and “Woman Like Me”.

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Yes, coincidentally I did, yesterday evening, at my brother’s and his girlfriend.
It’s not my thing.
Too slow, and soft, and bland.

If it was for me I hope her next album is about her doing fun stuff, like going to the luna park.

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@rebbel Funny, I actually thought it was too loud. If you dislike 30 then I have a feeling you might despise her albums 21 and 25.

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I haven’t listened to the entire album, but the songs I’ve heard didn’t do much for me. The songs are too slow and didn’t wow me like her early songs.

As a side note, I wish she had worn a different dress during her singing performance on the Oprah special. She looked like she couldn’t move. She is beautiful though. Furthermore, having that man propose to his girlfriend was stupid, I don’t like public wedding proposals.

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No, the only song of hers that I know is the theme for the Bond Film “Skyrim”. I think it was titled “Snake Eater”.

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Do you like “Someone Like You”? That song is far slower than any song on 30.

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I just might try after seeing this post. A friend of mine sent me a link last night and asked me the same question.

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My favorite of hers is her first hit :Right As Rain.
I’ve listened to four of her new songs, and I don’t think they are as good as the earlier work.

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No, I just heard her sing on the TV special. None of the songs were particularly catchy like the old ones “Rumor has it” and “Rolling in the Deep.”

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