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Is German chocolate cake a dessert originating from Germany?

Asked by King_Galaxius (307points) 1 month ago

Why is German chocolate cake called German chocolate cake? Is this cake really German? Can this unique cake really be traced to Germany?

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The name “German” is not regarding the country of Germany. The type of chocolate used in the cake, is named for the man who developed the type of chocolate, Samuel German, who worked for Baker’s Chocolate Company.

Here’s the whole story:

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I never knew that, @Kardamom! Very interesting. I think most people make the same assumption as the OP: that it has something to do with Germany.

There’s more here.

When I was a youngster in a suburb of Boston, my father used to take us on Sunday drives. We particularly liked the route that took us past the Baker’s Chocolate Factory, where the air was suffused with the delicious aroma of chocolate. I’ve just read that the factory moved decades ago, and the old place has been converted into rental apartments. I think I might like to live there. I wonder if it gives you chocolate dreams.

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So, it’s not like Buffalo Wings, which do not, in fact, come from buffalos, but from a restaurant in Buffalo, NY.

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They don’t come from Buffaloes??? LOLL!!

Very interesting thread.

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^^I’m so disappointed…now I bet you’ll tell me pigs don’t fly and chickens don’t have lips and horses don’t have feathers. ;\

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@smudges, shh, don’t be sad. So where do you think cottage cheese is made?

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Cottages. Milk accidentally left to curdle.

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Has to do with the ingredients as @kardamom pointed out. Much like Black Forest cake (that was my favorite as a young girl) I think the type of cherry flavor or liquor was from Germany, something along those lines. So delicious.

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