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Have you had Covid?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19791points) 1 month ago

Or did you have to isolate?
How was your experience?

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I think Rick and I did in Feb of 2020. I remember reading on Facebook that a whole bunch of my friends were getting sick with some mystery illness around then.

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My cardiologist says I had it, by the damage he measured to my heart wall, but I am not sure when I had it. There were times on the cruise ship and at Travis when my wife and I didn’t feel well, but we were thinking it was the awful food we were given.

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Yep. I isolated the best I could, stayed away from the family, stayed home from work, etc. But really, it was not much in the way of a virus. I had odd Hot/Cold spells one night, a little lighter the next night, and then nothing but a slight burning in my nose a few days later. No fever, no problems breathing, no nothing.

The side note is that my step son got it about 8 days after I did and then my wife got it about 10 days after that. None of us had any really horrible symptoms. My wife was the worst with her loss of smell and taste. That has lingered on for most of the year.

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Nope. Thought my wife had it twice, but two different doctors told her she was clear both times after testing. Just super bad allergies. Which has always been the case with her.

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I’m pretty sure I got it, but not completely sure. I had all the symptoms, and they were mild. I quarantined, but never got tested.

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My nurse wanted me to socially isolate from November 16 – November 26. On the hour before I called the nurse I had a coughing spell so bad that my arms hurt really bad. Nothing else happened. I was able to eat and I gorged my self on take out, and meals on wheels. Ate into my rainy day fund, but If getting Covid isn’t a rainy day then I don’t know what is. Before this all happened I was double vaxxed and took my flu shot.
I didn’t get tested and saved the $120~ by voluntarily isolating myself for 10 days.

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Probably but I was diagnosed with pneumonia, so I never quarantined. I unintentionally “quarantined” for 3–4 days because I just had nothing to do. But once I felt better I was back to normal.

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I felt like shit for one day then was fine. So I went back to normal. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I still had issues breathing I went to urgent care and was told it was Pneumonia. Nothing to worry about. No one got sick from me anyways.

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Before I get shamed for not quarantining

When I felt shitty for one day, it was just my neck hurting like hell. So nothing that told me “Oh, this is COVID”

It wasn’t until I was told, almost 3 weeks later, that I had pneumonia so then I thought “Oh, maybe it was COVID” because that is what the doctor said it could have also been.

I was not around anyone anyways. It wasn’t an intentional quarantine just me not leaving my house until I could breathe better.

Nobody got sick from me, or at all, I would have know for sure. Maybe I had a super light case, but there was no way for me to know, or even consider, COVID just from a sore neck (at first).

So that should clarify and prevent further rude private messages.

I won’t respond to any stupid comments about me not “taking it seriously” or whatever that message said. I had no way to know initially. It’s just my theory looking back because I never have had that type of head/neck pain, and then shortly after started feeling short of breath.

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No thank God,I don’t want it and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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But I’m definitely sick in other ways ;)

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yep. started tracking it starting March 22, 2020
Isolated myself, only took Tylenol
Sore throat, cough, tightness in chest, raised temp to 102.1, felt like crap for 5 days
No other respiratory issues, no loss of taste or smell
Emerged from my cave on March 26, 2020
No issues since then

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I didn’t lose my sense of taste, but every thing tastes different. Not in a good way either.

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I have not been offically diagnosed as hvaing had Covid but I am suspicious that I might have had it, especially when I heard it was most likely here in the US much earlier than anyone expected.

I woke up on December 25 of 2019 with what I thought ws conjunctivitis. It did not clear up from antibiotics, and I was diagnosed by an opthamologist as having a viral eye infection. It resolved itself in mid January. A few weeks later I exhibited symptoms of severe damage to my heart.

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Oh shit @zenvelo! Is it any better?

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^^^^ I am under the care of two cardiologists, one specializes in heart failure. My left ventricle is operating at about 70% of normal capacity. I take eight meds a day, and had a defibrillator implanted in my chest last December.

I am fine… :)

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Oh good.
Did the docs say it was caused by Covid?

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No one has stated that, but it is why I am suspicious.

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@SergeantQueen If you ask someone to stop messaging you and they do not, contact the mods and they’ll stop it. We are a small community and don’t intend to lose you. :)

@zenvelo Wow, that’s crazy. And one of the biggest reasons I am pro-vaccine, the permanent issues that develop sometimes.

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Just fyi for US jellies: You can order free rapid COVID-19 test kits through the government at the following website

A total of four test kits can be ordered per household. Feel free to share this information with your family members and friends.

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