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What is the best thing to say to cops that refuse to get vaccinated?

Asked by ragingloli (49284points) 1 month ago

For example: “Stop Resisting!”

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“Is this what we pay taxes for?”

“Well it’s time to go and spread my anti-vaxx news for attention then.”

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Blue Lives Matter?

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At least wear a mask.

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Good for you! It is a choice.

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How’s the Walmart job going for you?

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@rebbel No one can beat that and they can’t even be mad. :D

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“Find yourself another hobby, hero.”

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I know technically it is a mandate and not a law, but…it’s kind of weird that an organization that supposedly promotes law and order is taking the stance of being defiant. (This is not what I would necessarily say to them, but just commenting.)

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Profiles in courage.
So much easier just to stick your arm out for the shot and keep your job.
Bizarre it require people to get the SARS-CoV-2 virus vaccine even though the person has had the COVID-19 disease, recovered and has documented natural antibodies to it. Oh well so much for following the science. HA!

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Why is there a need to say anything? I guess if I had to say something it would be “as you wish…it should be your choice”.

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How about “I was speeding? Really? I didn’t notice it changed to a 35 mph zone”

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I guess if you felt strongly enough about it you could say “Before you save me from being mugged, have you had your vaccine yet?”

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COVID killed as many cops as suicide last year, making it basically tied for #1. Blue lives matter, too.

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@gondwanalon: “Bizarre it require people to get the SARS-CoV-2 virus vaccine even though the person has had the COVID-19 disease, recovered and has documented natural antibodies to it. Oh well so much for following the science. HA!”

Yeah, HA!

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Can I be arrested without being infected?

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You’re busted!

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@Smashley It also killed more cops than gun violence!

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“Until you can Serve and Protect safely, get out of my face.”

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If for reasons purely political, then it’s “Don’t be an idiot.”

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A law that says that you must be immunized artificially even though you can prove that you’re already naturally immune is a ridiculous law.

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@gondwanalon I kinda agree, if COVID were measles or chickenpox, and gave long term immunity when beaten. It’s unfortunately not, it’s more or less the flu. We will probably need new shots annually as it mutates and we will learn to live with it, like MERS, killer bees, and global warming. I just don’t see the point in getting the doctor’s visit, the referral, and the blood test just to dodge a shot.

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If you’re harassing police (or anyone else) for being unvaccinated, without any knowledge of their medical history &/or personal life, it’s probably time to reevaluate your life, Karen.

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@gondwanalon – In addition to the fact that antibodies from vaccine are almost 3 times higher than from infection, as @Smashley points out – Covid shots are most likely going to be ongoing.

If a cop is unable to act in the interest of the public in such a simple way, how are we to expect that they will approach their job? This is really a rhetorical question. Cops don’t serve the public and have no interest in doing so. The most honest among them are now quitting rather than show the most simple sign of them having any interest in the public they supposedly serve.

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I’m talking about testing the antibody level in the blood. If the natural antibody titer (to SARS-CoV-2) is at a high level then a man made artificial vaccine is not needed.

If a cop can present proof (blood test) that his or her current antibody titer is at an adequate level then a Fauci ouchi is not necessary.

I had 2 Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 vaccine injections less than 6 months ago and already (at age 70) I’m being told to get buster. Well I’m OK with getting a buster but not without testing my blood tested for an antibody response to the first two injections. If you don’t test then you don’t know.
Injecting vaccines willy-nilly is not for me.

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^ “Natural” and “man made” are doing a lot of heavy lifting here.

Just curious – are you suggesting that in addition to efforts to vaccinate the public, we should insert antibody testing as a prerequisite? You realize that you may be increasing the number of people who would need vaccines/boosters, right? And this is assuming that the antibody testing is accurate enough. Wow.

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@product That is not what @gondwanalon is suggesting. He is saying if the person can provide proof their antibodies are high then the person should be given an exception to a vaccination requirement. Why is that unreasonable?

We would actually know that person has high immunity while the fully vaccinated J&J person in the room next to us has next to nothing. Now, as I predicted, J&J needs a booster, I don’t know if companies are now changing the rules for J&J to be considered fully vaccinated. Even Pfizer two shots in a 75 year old may have extremely low immunity.

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@JLeslie: “That is not what @gondwanalon is suggesting.”

It’s very clear what he is suggesting. But if we’re going to insert antibody testing in the process, why make it a mechanism to not get the vaccine? If we shift the requirement from vaccination to antibodies, it could very well mean that @gondwanalon would be required to get more boosters – not less.

His suggestion is dripping with terms like “natural” and “man made”, in an attempt to paint Covid vaccination as some kind of violation of nature. Yet, they live in a society where “natural” and “man made” have been stripped of all reasonable meaning, so employing these terms in service of avoiding one particular vaccination is disingenuous, and completely based on politics.

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@product I take issue with his verbiage also, because it’s as you say dripping with right wing talking points and rhetoric, but the far left wing ignores reasonable statements for people who have been sick and willing to take a test and willing to get vaccinated. It’s talking past each other instead of listening to each other. You are focusing on the words that trigger you, rather than the full content.

If Pfizer and Moderna had been doing more antibody testing to begin with we might very well have had different recommendations or dosages much sooner or even during phase testing! They tested Pfizer at 10,20,30 and 100? Where the hell is the 50?! Maybe 50 would have brought results closer to the efficacy we are seeing with Moderna.

CDC is going to make recommendations for the greater good that causes no harm. Every day people receive shots they don’t “need” because we don’t do antibody testing on a regular basis for tetanus, pertussis, or like more than one person I know who became a citizen and didn’t have a record of childhood vaccinations.

Most people have no mal effects from being vaccinated even if their immunity is already high. This is the simplest way to maintain high vaccination rates and immunity in the population. If a stray person prefers to get a titer or antibody test to see where their immunity is, let them pay for it. Isn’t all you care about in the end is getting to herd immunity? You are fighting about nothing. @gondwanalon is vaccinated, he seems to believe covid is to be taken seriously. He would require proof of antibody, not simply spouting my body my choice.

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^ @JLeslie – I’ve admittedly lost what you’re attempting to argue here.

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^^If someone is immune they are immune. That’s all you should be concerned about. It’s the people walking around with no immunity and no mask who are keeping this thing going and killing people.

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High five brother!

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@JLeslie: ”^^If someone is immune they are immune. That’s all you should be concerned about. It’s the people walking around with no immunity and no mask who are keeping this thing going and killing people.”

This isn’t an issue that we need to handle on an individual basis. This is a pandemic that affects us as a collective and we need a collective response. That’s the way societies work.

Could be a bad analogy here, but I’ll run with it: Let’s look at speed limits. For each roadway, all of the variables have been considered, and it is determined that speed x = the safest for everyone. Note that this doesn’t mean that it actually is the safest speed for every individual driver. However, because we need to function as a society and setup laws that optimize safety for all, a number is determined.

So, you have a speed limit of 55 on a particular road. Now, it’s quite possible that Person A (let’s call them Nolanawdnog) is quite certain that they could traverse this road safely at 65 or 70 MPH because they have quick reflexes and a nimble vehicle. If they were calling for individual testing to determine their driving skills to opt-out of the speed limit, it might be reasonable to push back.

If we were to move from the one-size-fits-all speed limit approach to something along the lines of a driving-skills approach, we’d have a number of issues, including a focus on testing individuals rather than approaching it as a rule for everyone. The bureaucracy and logistics involved in all of this individual testing would be absurd. It would also most likely result in people who couldn’t meet the minimum skillset to be able to drive the 55 MPH.

We’d therefore be stuck with some people who were authorized to drive 40 MPH, others may be at 55 MH, and some with 70 MPH. There would be no way to determine who has been tested and what level without pulling each person over and going through their documented driving test history, and we would need to work out scientifically-based testing cycles to make sure that each individual has maintained their driving skills. Nolanawdnog could test at 70 MPH today and then 55 MPH six months from now.

This whole scenario is silly, and this is what @gondwanalon is proposing. It’s taking something that is very simple and unnecessarily inserting complexity due to confused political beliefs. And the whole effort to prioritize individual “rights” in areas that scream for collective rights is really what we’re talking about.

Whether it’s vaccination, speed limits, or the “right” to do anything – if we’re going to take an individual approach, then there are motivations and consequences. Let’s not pretend we’re talking about just some “reasonable” accommodation. This is an attempt to erode collective responsibility.

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@product I agree with all that you said about it being a global pandemic and needing policies that make sense to hasten the immunity level across all populations. Most people will follow that recommendation. The hold outs, or people who don’t like to take “medicine” when they don’t need it, if they want to pay for a test to prove they have high immunity, why argue with them?

Let’s say you agree if someone has high antibody count within 3 months they don’t need to be vaccinated. Let’s say it makes a lot of right wingers happy. In turn, if their antibody test is negative or low, they have to get vaccinated. Society gets what it wants.

Part of getting to herd immunity is managing or we might say handling the population. Giving certain people a feeling of autonomy or power over their domain, over their body, could be more advantageous than just tying people down and inoculating them.

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^ This is probably where we differ then. You believe that giving conservatives a way out will make them less sociopathic. I don’t see the evidence for this. Their resistance to getting a vaccination isn’t the only thing the do that is fucked up and harmful.

I’d rather we focus on getting people vaccinated. If cops want to tip their hand and let us know where their heads are at, let them quit or get fired when they don’t get vaccinated.

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@product No, I think recommendations don’t always take the individual into consideration.

It’s not only conservatives who are reluctant to take vaccines or medicine that isn’t necessary. You need to address people’s fears or need to feel in control while still getting to the goal.

I have no problem with workplaces mandating vaccination or proof of antibodies. I’m not ok with employees just doing whatever the hell they want and especially not ok with unvaccinated not wearing a mask.

It sounds to me you are saying cops who don’t get vaccinated are declaring they are White Supremacists.

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Boy did this question go south!

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Good luck with the job the job hunting.

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