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What did this sign mean?

Asked by raum (11091points) January 17th, 2022 from iPhone

I walked by a deli with a handwritten sign that said “This business is run by civilians”.

They were closed today for MLK. Otherwise, I totally would have asked them.

What the heck did that sign mean?

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At a sheer guess, I would say it might be meant to convey “We’re not in your fight, whoever you are. Leave us out of it.”

If so, it probably won’t do them any good. A rampaging mob armed with torches and pitchforks is not going to stop and read the signs or figure out what they mean.

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Maybe they don’t sell submarine sandwiches?

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~ “we are idiots please don’t shop here.”

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I think the message is “We are not veterans.” The real message could really be one of several things. Take your pick.

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I’m actually wondering if they meant citizens and it was an anti-immigrant message.

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It means they don’t employ felons. I think.

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@raum, if you go back and ask, I hope you report it here.

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Or if “Citizens”,maybe recent immigrants who are trying to avoid damage to their property.

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“This business is run by civilians.
As opposed to those that are run by reptilians.”

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It means that no military or police personnel work there.

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