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How do beekeepers harvest honeycombs without killing, or including, bee larva?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20365points) January 19th, 2022

How are the larval eggs separated from the honey itself?

How much residual larva are included in store bought honey?

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Bees separate honey from larva in the hive.

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I think you will enjoy this guy.
He mentions the brood chamber, and that it is separate from the honey.

Babies growing after the hatching.

Queen laying eggs, and the nursemaids caring for them. includes sex

You will see a number on the queen. That is so keepers can find them easily in order to move the hive, or check on her.

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The central part of the colony is the area where the young are raised
The next area out from the center is where pollen and honey/pollen mix is stored. The outer areas is where pure honey is stored.
Beekeepers can easily tell where the pure honeycomb is located as well as all other areas of the hive.

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