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Are you on Team Disney or Team DeSantis?

Asked by LadyMarissa (15985points) April 28th, 2022

According to the Orlando Weekly Disney is calling BS on DeSantis & challenging his ability to cancel them!!! Which side do you think will win & why???

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I thought Republican Conservatives were supporters of business. They were the ones pushing hands off businesses.
It is clear DeSantis only believes that if the business agrees with his policies.
That is “cancel culture”!

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I am team ”Revenge Legislation Is a Type of Fascism”

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I’ve got my money riding on Disney. They didn’t open without covering their asses. Their legal team wouldn’t have left a loophole that would allow a jerk like DeSantis to just shut them down with the stroke of a pen

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Team Disney 100%.

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DeSantis is engaging in performative politics with the express goal of increasing funding for his Presidential campaign.

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^^^^ 1000% !^^^^

GA @Caravanfan !

. . . and DeSantis might lose !

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I’m team “Florida should snap off and float into the ocean”.

Sorry @JLeslie

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What DeSantis and his conservative accolades do not understand is that when even the mouse is against certain former apple pie ironclad “American values”, you can bet your ass that those repugnant values are now well beyond acceptable in the mainstream. Put bluntly, DeSantis has about as much chance of these stupid policies engendering good will for him and his state as he would declaring the restoration of slavery.

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I am torn. DeSantis is doing the right thing but for the wrong reasons.

Disney had a sweetheart deal for 50 years that was borderline illegal, and they took advantage of it. They should have played with the same rules that everyone else did.

On the other hand, DesSantis is doing this as part of the social ‘woke’ wars, not for any other reason.

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I am on team “Let them fight!”

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Between religion and politics both, the strong anti-LGBTQ rhetoric is going to be their downfall.
At least MANY in my generation and those younger were not raised to hate based on color or gender identity. I have a feeling Disney will come out on top.

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@elbanditoroso IF your bank told you tomorrow that you could STOP paying mortgage payments & live in your home for the rest of your life without paying another dime, would you say “NO thank you, I want to pay what the couple next door are paying even though their payment is twice what you had been paying???” I don’t think that I would…I’d kick back, have a beer & try to enjoy my final 15–20 years!!!

Disney has had a sweet deal, but they also haven’t cost Florida taxpayers a dime. They became self-sustainable!!!

Inevitably, out of those 50 years, they had a few bad years where they LOST money. They didn’t whine or ask Florida to bail them out.

I’m NOT a big fan of Disney, but I admire the way they are standing tall against DeSantis!!! This fight is beginning to make me think of Russia & Ukraine!!!

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To me this is bigger than Disney vs DeSantis. It’s the silencing of anyone the government doesn’t like that’s the issue here

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@KNOWITALL Your feeling is more than justified. It’s money in the bank. Disney prudently picked the obvious choice. Any fool or stockholder understands that to acquiesce or side with DeSantis would almost certainly destroy the mouse’s bottom line. It’s a lesson the corporation absorbed back in the day when the world hadn’t yet decided on whether gay bashing was acceptable. That decision has been verified and moved beyond almost universally, with the usual recalcitrant enclaves as outlying holdouts. I’m looking forward to the upcoming economic beating his state is in for costing DeSantis his job. I relish the idea of him as contesting Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination.

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Governors come and go. Mickey Mouse is still the same age.

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I think Disney can just get exceptions from the counties. There are sweetheart special districts all over Florida, I live in one! We complain about. Some parts of it are good and some are bullshit!

DeSantis is wrong to retaliate. Using the government to intimidate business owners, business leaders, and corporation from voicing their opinions is the stuff of dictators. DeSantis is sending a signal to not screw with him. Doing this to business is like jailing an individual for speaking out against the government.

When Disney made the statement I didn’t think it was a good idea. I never expected DeSantis to retaliate like this though. I just figured it would be a social media and Fox News extravaganza and a bunch of Christians would make plans to go to Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. I did a Q about that.

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I’d love to see Disney crush DeSantis.

But in reality, DeSantis wins whichever way this plays out. Because it’s more about pandering to his supporters to show that he is David against Goliath. Ironic, when Goliath is more federal government imposing on a private business.

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@raum I wouldn’t be so sure. The mouse wields a huge economic stick in Florida. What if Disney threatens to shut down its Florida operation? As it is already, a slew of corporations already are rumbling about boycotting the state.

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@HP Disney exec stepped down the other day. Sounds like a PR wrap-up. Disney has the power, but I think they will choose carefully and not make a show of it. Doubt they’re going to move their entire operation just to show they can.

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My SIL’s father, who is now in his mid 80’s, was telling me just last weekend that he worked on different building crews for 20 years starting with Epcot. I can’t imagine they would want to start over building again.

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They might not shut down and leave town. But they could easily close up shop and pout in protest.

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I don’t think you become a powerful corporation like Disney by doing dumb shit like closing up shop to pout.

I think it would be more likely for them to move. And see @chyna’s comment above, that’s not terribly likely to begin with.

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My guess is that Disney is doing lots of quiet diplomacy and conversation with all the politicians that they pay off every year, and there will be some face-saving statement by DeSantis.

Bribery pays dividends sometimes.

There may a whole lot of ‘calling your bluff’ game-playing going on.

One thing is sure. The Florida repo party didn’t think through the ramifications.

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DeSantis is telling ALL corporations that they are NOT to mess with him!!! Now I’m wondering how many other corporations have changed their mind about opening in Florida because they can’t trust Florida’s government to stand by their word??? We may never know!!!

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There will of course be growing financial repercussions to Florida’s economy and accumulating pressure on its government. The cancelation of the state as a convention venue and event staging site is bound to increase in proportion to the rise of its regressive lunacies.

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Team Disney. Disney is not going to lose any real revenue over this. Republicans will pout and say they aren’t going to Disney but they love their Disney vacation just the same and DeSantis will eventually move on. DeSantis is going to be buried in lawsuits

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I think Disney can just get exceptions from the counties.

If DeSantis is willing to take down Disney, what makes you think he will stop there? Anybody at the county level willing to side with Disney could easily become his next target for assination

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Update: I haven’t researched this myself, but someone I respect where I live said the counties can’t just make an exception like I think. I don’t know if he’s right.

I did hear on a show, it might have been Lawrence O’Donnell, but I’m not sure, that by law Reedy Creek can’t be dissolved until it pays of its bonds, which would be many years from now, so that would make the action DeSantis took moot at least for a while.

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According to this Reedy Creek can’t be legally dissolved before 2029.

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^^^ So @SEKA does that mean Disney could sue Florida and own the whole state ? ? ^^^

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@Tropical_Willie Wouldn’t that be one of the funniest things that has happened in my lifetime!!! Florida becomes the Wonderful World of Disney & kicks Desantis to the curb!!!

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My husband and I say we live en “La Tierra de Mickey.” Which means the land of Mickey, or the land of Disney. Disney is such a big deal in Florida, and now that the fast train is almost complete from Miami to Orlando, we will have a better connection. I don’t know if they decided yet on the route from Orlando airport to Disney, but that will be the next section, and then on to Tampa.

Disney is extremely important in Florida.

Meanwhile, the white Supremacists have a meme going around saying “Every Single Aspect of Disney Child Grooming is Jewish” then below that it named top people in the organization who are Jewish or supposedly Jewish, I don’t know if they all are. CEO, some Executive VP’s, etc.

The WS groups are coming after us, it’s getting scary.

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@Tropical_Willie I’m not a lawyer, so no clue what they can do. In the US anybody can sue for anything. So it would be funny if they found a way

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@JLeslie Yikes, that’s not good.

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