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Get a HTC Diamond or wait for the newer Dream or even Google Android enabled phone?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) September 17th, 2008

I have had the same phone forever, the Nokia 6100, which is a great phone. It is very old now and needs replacement. I have gotten a great deal on the HTC Diamond, basically 200 euros new (a friend works at a netwok company). Should I get this one or wait for the Google Android enabled phones? Does anyone know anything about the HTC Dream that is about to arrive? I would like 3G, WLAN and GPS on my next phone as well as possibility to use IP and/or Skype. Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas!

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I would wait for the HTC Dream. I’ll try to find the site with the details for the phone. Super sweet though.

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isn’t the dream android enabled ? i saw this shot of it which i really liked, well, stay tuned i guess, haha

by the way, the prediction is 23rd of September, so who knows, it would be cool

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Yes it is an android phone. It’ll also be the first phone on T-Mobiles network to take advantage of it’s new (and shitty) 3g network. Yes. T-Mobile is the last of the major cell phone carriers to get 3g or are they? And yeah that’s the actual phone. I like it more than the iPhone because it’s touch screen enabled, BUT it has the full qwerty keyboard which I enjoy much more than the iPhones screen enabled keyboard.

Here’s the story stating it’s coming out on the 23rd
And here’s a site you can signup to find out about when the phones on sale and it has some details of the phone
And here’s a nice detailed report on the phone with loads of videos (street level view is soooooo sweet)
And here’s more on it

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Get the iPhone

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I just returned my HTC Diamond Touch and I would definitely wait for the Dream if you can. The on-screen keyboard was very iPhone-ish and worked as well as Apples does. The form factor is much smaller than I expected and made typing a bit more dainty and delicate than I liked. Full QWERTY is so worth the wait.

Also, if you need the phone sooner, I highly recommend buying it on-line. The story I got is that the stores are receiving the phones so that 1 employee can be an ‘advocate’ for the phone (they get to use it and work out bugs/get ready for questions) and that is delaying in-store selling. I got (and returned) my Touch before the store even got them in for selling.

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I just got myself a 2nd hand Nokia E65 which I feel is a good phone. Will try that for a while till the market settles for the right phone!

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