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Is it weird that I don’t like being called “Sweetie”?

Asked by Musiclover45 (34points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

Cause the reason I can’t stand it cause it’s too cutesy a name to call someone like me that but I don’t mind being called “Darlin”Honey”,Cutie pie and what have you it’s just that name is the one that just bugs and disturbs me the most.

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We all have our preferences.
I used to be bugged by “ma’am” because it sounds old. Now I am old, so ma’am I am.

It isn’t weird to feel off, or cringey about some words; so long as you don’t injure anyone over it.

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I don’t find it weird mainly because I have the same problem. I don’t understand why Sweetie or Sweetheart bugs me so bad when the other references don’t bother me at all!!! I’ve also noticed that it can make a difference as to who is saying it. Some bothers me more than others. That is another thing that I can’t lay my finger on what the disturbing person says different from the others…I just know it does!!!

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Not weird at all.
The term is flat out infantilisation, and diminishes you as a person.
It tells you that the other party does not see you as an adult with agency, but as a child that should not be taken seriously.

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Nope. My dad used to call me sweetie when I was very young, and suddenly as I hit my pre-teen years I told him I didn’t like it. It was like suddenly one day it hit me the wrong way.

As far as strangers using it, or coworkers (that seems really odd to me at a work place by a coworker) I think most women don’t like being called sweetie, honey, darling, and so on, especially by men. Some corners of the US it’s more customary, but I think that’s all on its way out.

Spouses might use pet names, but that’s a different thing.

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Not weird at all. Some terms of endearment can feel degrading.
I was called sweet buns by one girl and it turned into a nickname. Not a fan.

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Weird no. But it’s not a battle I would fight as all the older ladies use it here.

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@ragingloli Such a perfect answer!!! ”
@JLeslie…I think that’s all on its way out.” Amen to that.

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Please take an English class. Weird, not weird, doesn’t matter. If you don’t like being called sweetie, that is your truth. You can tell people or not, your choice.

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Not weird. I don’t like being called “Hon.”

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Nope, I can’t stand it either. I don’t take it as a term of endearment but one of belittlement or manipulation or when someone doesn’t want to be bothered to actually remember your name. Unless it comes from my husband then I know he just wants something. He never says it otherwise. Even when used for children it’s used to manipulate. To get the child to see you as friendly and caring. In business, it is used to belittle co-workers most of the time or the other two or all three.
Both sexes do it to each other but usually used on women as a power play. It’s right up there with the little woman in my book.

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@Pandora such a great answer.

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@Patty_Melt Re. “so long as you don’t injure anyone over it.” I heard someone on TV or saying that about preaching anti-semetism (“there was never a holocaust”) ...or is it something anti-chinese.

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