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What is the most prominent sound you can hear right now?

Asked by eyesoreu (236points) 6 days ago

More specific…

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The air conditioner. The occasional computer beep. Traffic outside (faintly). My co worker clearing his throat.

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The constant ringing I have in my ears.

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The mobile air conditioning unit.

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Some idiot shouting in the street.

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Air conditioning as well.

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Tv on in the background while I am working on the computer.
Plus as I live in an apratment across the hallway to the laundry room, I can hear womeone using the machines and others talking in the hallway.

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The ceiling fan in my room and the ticking of a clock. Far off, I hear cars on the road.

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My 6yo is crushing her grandmother in Jenga and laughing maniacally.

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The frogs in my front yard are particularly loud tonight.

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The washing machine and dryer are both running downstairs and I can hear them faintly.

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Like @raum, kids. But I don’t have kids in the house. All the noise comes from the nursery next to us.

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White noise machine and tinnitus.

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The Seattle Storm playing the Washington Mystics.

Even though their venues are about 2,700 miles apart, they both play in Washington! ;-o

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@Brian1946 Pity only the Seattle Storm get representation in the senate though..

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The TV in the living room.

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I’ve had Tinnitus since I was very young & I’ve grown used to the roar…that is, UNTIL you asked what I’m hearing & now ALL I can hear is the roar in my ears…thank you very much!!! ;}

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Birdsong. They wake me up with their beautiful music every morning, I love it. And the neighbors rooster crowing.

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A box fan blowing air conditioned air from my bedroom into the rest of the house.

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Cheers patrons of the pond.

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Road noise usually. I live between two fairly busy streets and I like to open the windows for the breeze. Alternately, on 90+F days I close the windows and the air conditioner is loud.

And I also we have lots of lovely bird noise. From about 3am to 7am they are the loudest thing in spring and summer. Lots of sparrows, cardinals, and robins. Later in the day the big crows caw and the swallows (or swifts?) fly high and twitter while they rid us of bugs.

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Hum of the freeway.

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My grandson playing with the dog.

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Silence, then the almost imperceptible sound of my PC’s fan, then the cry of a seabird and then silence again.

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