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Will you miss Ghislaine Maxwell while she's in jail?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32761points) June 28th, 2022

Looks like she’s in the clink for the next twenty years.

Do you think she has more dirt she can dish out? Or is she gone for good?

Bonus question:

What are the chances that she is offed in prison like her old buddy Epstein?

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I can’t believe she is still alive. I’m sure she has tons of dirt, and quite honestly she owes that information to the public to partially repay her debt to society.

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Where’s her list? There was talk about that being revealed.

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Since she’s going in at 60 & not supposed to get out until she’s 80, my guess is that she’ll probably die of natural causes ;{ while incarcerated. Didn’t know her so can’t miss her!!!

@filmfann We might as well forget about the list….we’ll NEVER see it. With the names that were associated with Epstein, she can’t afford to let the list out!!! Didn’t she offer the list in order to stay out of jail??? Maybe the list wasn’t interesting enough to save her butt…OR…important enough to keep it buried!!!

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I will not miss her, but I will listen to the news for her name when she gets her true justice in prison.

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Same as @Forever_Free. Doubt she lasts a year.

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I never really hung out with her, so I won’t miss her.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets out on a technicality like Cosby and Jesse Smollett.

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Anyone who says they will miss her is a pedo

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She’ll get knocked around when
they find she’s a pedophile.
Epstien got 13 months in jail
before(with work release)for doing the same thing.

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