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How do you define White Supremacist?

Asked by JLeslie (62838points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Who are the White Supremacists?

Ate the terms White Nationalist and White Supremacists interchangeable?

On a Facebook thread I started to get the feeling one of the people felt WS was a term used regarding all white politically conservative people. I never think of it or use it that way, but wondered how people are using it.

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“White Supremacist”
One who happens to be white and considers all other Race’e inferior to them and less entitled then they are.

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Sounds about right

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Someone who believes white people are better than other races. They also believe the other races are vile, and must be removed because their very existence is a threat to white purity.

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“White supremacist” and “white nationalist” are frequently used interchangeably. “White nationalist” is usually used in the context of a specific nation, i.e. the idea that the nation in question is inherently white, is for white people, and white people ceasing to be a majority in that nation is tantamount to the destruction of the nation. One could argue that it doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with white supremacy, the belief that white people are a superior race and should dominate other races, but the line between them is very fine.

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Most WS are regular people who were raised by people who are WS. It seems to be passed on in families much like religious beliefs but usually much more forcefully. I haven’t seen many families that it was an option, in other words. I always felt bad for them in school, the poor kids with skinheads, combat boots and few friends. They really didn’t have a choice as kids.
American History X is a good example in movie form for those unfamiliar.

As a white conservative, I hate the association personally. I have always appreciated other cultures and people. If we were all WS there would not diversity in red states, which is far from reality.

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@KNOWITALL I always think of most of the WS as being sucked into the various groups like people get sucked into gangs, but your statement that they grow up in families that are WS contradicts the way I pictured it, although I was aware some families raise their kids with the mindset and even bring their young children to meetings. I think you might be right that mostly their parents are predisposing them to the mindset and lifestyle.

Interesting that you talked about the children not fitting in at school and being more isolated. Seems like school uniforms could maybe counter some of that, do you think it would have any effect? Plus, empathy taught in education, golden rule, etc. Although, it seems some people have redefined the golden rule to twist it into something they believe is a bad thing. I can’t remember the twist, but I know it when I hear it.

This person on Facebook called the term white supremacists an inane term. Inane to me means they are saying the person using it is being sloppy and mindless using that term, and that WS doesn’t really mean anything.

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As stated above, WS is a racist theory that the “white race” is de facto superior to all other races, and was the justification behind slavery, repression of Native cultures, Jim Crow, and ideas such as apartheid and “separate but equal. WN is a corollary theory that, simply put, the “white race” is superior (supreme) and therefore entitled to certain privileges.

Just before I saw this Q, I was reading an article on Salon stating that the Republican Party is the largest WS organization in the world.

Here’s an excerpt:

The contemporary Republican Party has become the world’s largest white supremacist organization, and now also explicitly supports the use of political violence and terrorism to advance the goal of ending multiracial democracy. Donald Trump’s coup attempt, culminating in the Capitol attack of Jan. 6, 2021, was the literal embodiment of those values, beliefs and goals.

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It’s used too often as a smear for those who are just conservative or Republicans. They’re not white supremacists.
When I hear “white supremacist” I think of neo-nazis or someone in one of those fringe groups who believe the white race is superior. I see those groups more like cults where they take marginalized, impressionable young people, give them group identity, belonging and indoctrinate them into those twisted beliefs. I also don’t think there are as many as people think. The vast majority could probably be turned away from that life if given an alternative. My BIL who is a P.O. tells me that the neo-nazi’s have a pretty extensive gang/criminal network though.

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@JLeslie Here it is almost exclusively families raising and recruiting more. The kids don’t have much choice in anything, and many tend to be traditional families where the males are in charge. Many biker clubs are also wrapped up in that lifestyle.
If dad says you wear military green, combat boots and a shaved head, that’s what you do.

We not only had some at school but at church, and they stood out quite a bit and weren’t treated very well. I can see how many flip out as it’s a way to get approval and be seen, in that culture.

Frankly in my opinion it’s abusive. And we all know hurt people hurt people. I can understand not knowing any personally can lead to many assumptions but what I see are mistreated kids forced into a very unpopular lifestyle, mocked and teased by their peers, not invited to parties or social events, no one wants to date the weird Nazi kids.
As adults they are usually very damaged and many do time, which reinforces their beliefs.

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I define it as a complicated and potentially misunderstood political and social issue…based on this video.

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They’re on the racist scale, which may often coincide and/or ally with white political conservatism in the US, but not always.

The racist scale going something like

Extreme Racist
White Nationalist
White Supremacist

Are the terms White Nationalist and White Supremacists interchangeable?

No, I’d say White Nationalist means thinking their nation ought to be mainly for and/or dominated by white people and their view of white culture, while White Supremacist thinks white people are vastly superior to others, and may have global plans, tends toward genocidal maniac, etc.

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WS believe that whites are a superior race, and that they (white men) are entitled to govern and control resources. This may include expansion through warfare with or economic dominance over other nations, and polices that shift racial demographics including genocide.
WN believe they they have a historical/divine right to govern and control the resources of a nation. In the US they are typically evangelical Christians, but there are other groups. Many probably don’t think of themselves as racist, but feel existentially threatened by shifting demographics.
(When I say resources, think broadly, as in land and water use, medical autonomy, educational funding, border control, etc.)

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@kruger_d Many Evangelical Christians don’t feel racist, or many White Nationalist don’t think of themselves as racist? Which did you mean?

@Blackwater_Park When I hear “white supremacist” I think of neo-nazis or someone in one of those fringe groups who believe the white race is superior. I see those groups more like cults where they take marginalized, impressionable young people, give them group identity, belonging and indoctrinate them into those twisted beliefs That’s how I’ve always thought about it.

@KNOWITALL Do you think if there was an effort made to reach out to young people raised in that lifestyle and include them and help them That they would happily leave that identity? I remember watching some show where a minority business owner gave a NeoNazi type guy a job and it changed his life and entire outlook. I don’t know how likely it really is that most people would turn around.

You also make me think that the way these kids are ostracized it’s easy for them to feel the country is against them. Most of the country is against their racism, hate, and violence, but I mean it would be internalized as against them for just being white or Christian or any part of their identity. They basically become like a minority who feels discriminated against. Wow.

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@JLeslie Exactly. So they lash out at the world.

As far as changing them, think of it as risky as coming out. You could very well lose your whole family in some cases.

Have you seen the movie I mentioned?

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@KNOWITALL Another to watch is higher Learning A little dated now, but the descent of Remy into a neo-nazi group I thought was a good depiction.

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@Blackwater_Park I“ll find that, love Omar Epps anyway. Thanks!

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^^I haven’t seen the movie. I’m interested to watch it. I’ve seen shows about WS groups and people who find their way out of it. Only once did I see a show where children were being entrenched in the lifestyle and mindset by their parents, but for some reason it didn’t hit me that this might be happening more than I realize.

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A damn stupid moron with nothing between the ears but an ugly face. Poorly educated and too ignorant to realize that ALL races and cultures have something to contribute to history society and culture. Many but not all of them consider themselves to be Christian. But I’d take bets that God and Jesus aren’t amused with their world view. In the words of an old Irish saying, bet we’ll shout at the Devil together. At least I’ll have the consolation of watching demons shove a pitchfork up their lilly white asses.

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Anyone who considers persons of color to be inferior. The Proud Boys, Klan, et al are easy to identify, the more numerous, pervasive, and pernicious are the ones who would never classify themselves as such, but who have the power to control access to resources, education, legislative power etc and wield that power in favor of white people. Their reasoning is always subtle and seemingly logical. These are people who are on hiring committees who subconsciously look for flaws in the résumés of people with ethnic names; they are on admissions boards of prestigious universities where even a degree from one will open many doors, they vacation in exclusive places where their children see people of color only in subservient roles.

All these factors contribute. When white people in online discussions get frustrated because a demographic of color gets a lot of what they believe to be undeserved positive press, that’s an indicator of a White Supremacist. When white people rail about brown immigrants taking American jobs, and they fail to recognize that it’s the employers, usually white, that are hiring those undocumented brown people to avoid paying a fair wage, that’s an indicator of white supremacists.

For most of middle and upper class America, the seeds are well planted, and it takes constant, personal, vigilance to combat the subtle messages implanted in our conscious and subconscious awareness.

White Nationalists just try to justify it with geography.

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