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If you could sleep with the personification of any website, what would it be?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) September 19th, 2008

Bonus question: How would your choice change if you were to marry the website vs. a one night stand?

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This one, of course!

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I’d have a one night stand with Google and sleep with Fluther. Who wouldn’t want to sleep with Google? Think of all the things you’d learn. I think of Google being this all knowing deity. But then, there’s also a LOT of nonsense stuff on Google. And that’s where Fluther comes in. Fluther also has a lot of good information, but it’s more about quality, which is why I would choose to marry it. Plus Fluther already has human-like qualities :).

Think of Google as the sexy, irresistible search engine, but at the end of the day, you know you want to come home to Fluther, where you have stability, safety and lurve.

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I’d totally sleep with facebook – it’s fun, always has something going on, ‘cool’, and is good at poking. But would make for a totally neurotic relationship.

I’d probs marry Fluther – it’s friendly, always compliments me (I did change my hair today!) and is intelligent and insightful.

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Aargh, I think I’d keelhole myspace and wed facebook. Get me pegleg waxed by freaks and me retirement from those learned folk.

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@artificialard LoL. Answered at t’ same time with t’ same website, but different perspectives. Yaargh. Tis an interesting point of view I say.

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I’d like to date wikipedia, have a long relationship with fluther, and have a one night stand with the ever kinkier myspace, but we would definitely keep it on the DL.

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I came to Fluther for a one night stand February 24th, and we we married shortly after that.

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I think Wikipedia would make for a damn good lay, but I think I’d marry PostSecret. I like the deep, soulful aspect and would love that in a life partner. :)

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I wouldn’t want to sleep with facebook or myspace. Everyone I know has gotten on them! I don’t want no sloppy seconds.

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I would totally have a three way with “The Smoking Gun” and “The Straight Dope”. Messy and tantalizing mixed with with sense and sensibility. I would not marry Fluther. She is too liberal for me. Rather, I would probably marry Yahoo!. Safe. Easy. Cute. Fun to explore.

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@EmilyNathon Sloppy seconds ‘d be the best you’d get from the likes of them. I’m sure we’d all be in the millions. Whores.

Arrgh… You could be real nasty and be with the likes of adult friend finder. Now there’s a case of tha herpes waitin’ ta happen!

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Ha ha! herpes? Go there and get fungus amongus!!

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One-night-stand: The Warehouse (DMB fan club site). Do I really need to explain why?
Marry: The Daily Kitten. Is there anything better than kittens? (rhetorical)

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What’s the Daily Kitten? Sounds cute. I googled, but only found a chat forum. I’m hoping it’s a picture site that gives you a cute kitten every day. Am I right?

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There’s needs to be some FDA-regulated exposure levels to all of this cuteness. It may be lethal.
Too. Cute. [gasps for breathe] Can’t. Breathe.

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[falls over dead from cuteness]

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The captions on cuteoverload are great.

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Thanks Tiny! I love the hedgehogs on cute overload!

bluemukaki's avatar, it seems sweet, seductive on the surface but underneath is a rock and roll party just waiting to be had.

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Scamp: Hedgehog sandwich!
Though is it wrong that we think animals look cute between two pieces of bread? Maybe…

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Ha ha!! nah, it would only be wrong if there was mayo involved. lol!

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The Onion. Despite the tingly sensations and the…breath…

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interesting question. my choice is the website:list of companies

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@ Knotmyday – Perfect! I completely agree. That is the site!

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oh twitter for sure.
i’d like to keep it short and sweet.

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eww you said you would sleep with google! googles been around the block and would probably give you gonorrhea !

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I’d sleep with any reference site. They’d know all the tricks – I’m sure they have several pages on the subject – and would certainly know how to satisfy me. WoohoO!

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