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I accidentally sprayed bleach on apples. Could that be dangerous?

Asked by abc123_b (8points) 1 month ago

When I was bleaching towels, I accidentally sprayed some on apples nearby. The next day, to be safe, I washed these apples for about 15 seconds. Are these apples safe to eat Could someone get sick?

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I’d eat them if they didn’t look ugly or smell of chlorine. You could peel them if you are worried.

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Soak them in cold water, then wash them in cold water individually. Let dry. They’ll be OK.

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Just have to make sure you wash it off as @kritiper stated.

When my mother was living in Indonesia, where dysentery is endemic, my mother would wash all her vegetables, including especially lettuce and salad greens in a diluted bleach bath. Tasted off a bit but was better than getting a bug.

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Since bleach is hazardous to health I would have rinsed them as soon as it happened. Waiting a whole day may not be healthy to eat. Why wait that long?

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Yes, rinse it off well, and you are all good to go.

You will get more bleach in your system if you go swimming in a chlorinated pool.

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Rinse under running water, not soak, ASAP, (now it’s too late, I know) and peel it.

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I think I would pass. Just to be on the safe side. I’d hate to see apples go waste, but I would rather err on the side of caution.

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Rinse them, dry with a towel…you’re fine. The amount of bleach that got on them from a brief spray was miniscule.

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By the way, peel it thicker than normal.

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Yes so don’t eat them.

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