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Do you think that the raid on Trumps house was wrong?

Asked by KRD (3514points) 1 month ago

I want everyone’s opinion. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

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NO F*@*IN’ WAY !

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No but the FBI gave notice that they were comming..enought time for Tump to get rid of incriminating information. Unless thats twhat the FBI was hoping to happen and spied on them in the process.

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No. Apparently the feds think he was breaking some law(s). We will know eventually.

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FBI had a tip that highly illegal items were there. They legally got a warrant, then they legally went in to look for the illegal items. I had highly illegal items in my house and someone snitched on me, FBI would do the same to me.

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You know this isn’t some ultra conservative forum, right?
Go try the City Data Forums, they’ll tell you it’s wrong.

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NO at the top of my lungs!

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Thank you for permission not to answer. (weird!)

No, nothing wrong with the raid on his house, unless one believes that drug dealers, weapons dealers, child porn distributors, etc shouldn’t have a raid on their houses. They believe he broke a law/laws, period.

Does your father believe it was wrong? I would guess almost certainly.

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Legally? No. But we haven’t seen the indictment yet.
Politically? Yes. It looks like desperation to eliminate Trump from 2024 via any means necessary.

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His ass is toast ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! @KNOWITALL

DOJ Jan 6th

Stolen classified documents Mar-A-Lago

New York tax evasion and wire fraud

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Two separate responses from a conservative forum:

Biden’s DOJ is totally out of control. This is something you see in third world dictatorships, Soviet Union. I thought Biden was supposed to unify the country!? Imagine if Trump did this to obama?

Democrats are desperate to get rid of Trump. I’m so sick of them. They are as crooked as it comes. Lies lies lies. Trump is pro-Amercia and everything they are against. They will never stop going after Trump until he is dead and buried. Dems/lefties are disgusting.

This isn’t going to end well. They are really upsetting over half the country.

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One tweet from Lynda “Wonder Woman” Carter:

Breaking News: Florida Man Stunned to Find That Laws Apply to Him, Too.

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He’ll run to BFF Putin !

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The FBI executed a search warrant. It was not a raid.

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I’m going to wait for the facts to come out on this one before I take any position. IMO what those documents are, and the details of the warrant matter. Trump did some shitty things after he was voted out that probably should land him in jail but the FBI has been weaponized numerous times in the past 75 years or so too.

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@Tropical_Willie Do the crime, do the time. I hope justice prevails either way. Shrug.

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He’ll be in Moscow !


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^ Let’s hope so!

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It wasn’t a “raid”; it was the execution of a search warrant.

No of course it wasn’t wrong.

The FBI clearly had probable cause of something worth taking that action, and a search warrant.

That’s what the FBI is supposed to do.

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My default position is to support the FBI and its activities unless it messes up. The FBI isn’t political and is thankfully above and beyond the orange miasma of modern day America and long may it continue.

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I still love how when the FBI searched Hillary’s email and determined that she sent emails from a private email server, Republicans were rubbing their hands together with glee. Absolute glee. Then, right before the election, the FBI said “woops, our bad. All is well with her emails.”

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the Republicans think the FBI is the most horrible agency. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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^Yet they don’t even see it.

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Not exactly, but I give her credit for being smart enough to know the law (Trump is not a llawyer obvi) and stay out of trouble. I support the FBI’s investigation and hope justice prevails either way.

“The bottom line is this: No one will likely ever know what was deleted from Clinton’s server. Barring one of the 30,000 emails Clinton turned over to the State Department being deemed “classified,” it’s also unlikely she will ever be found to have violated the letter of the law.”

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I haven’t read this entire article, but it also contains a video of Comey saying Clinton didn’t break the law:

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@jca2 You’re right, that’s why it was amended.

The law was amended in late 2014 to require that personal emails be transferred to government servers within 20 days. But that was after Clinton left office. Watchdog groups conceded that she may not have violated the text of the law, but they argue she violated the spirit of it.

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There is absolutely NOTHING wrong about this.

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No. It was a legal search warrant.

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It wasn’t a raid. He received a subpoena and a search warrant—much more than he deserved. How did his lawyer know ti be there if it was a raid? He knew in advance

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They might plant evidence in there.

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I saw on Fox news that even they keep calling it a raid! How do they keep getting it wrong?

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Why is everybody always picking on Chump?

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@KRD It’s my understanding that trumps lawyers were there. If so, the FBI couldn’t plant evidence. But in any case, trump had enough illegal documents that they didn’t have to plant anything.

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@chyna show me the illegal documents that they found.

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@KRD I’m not going to argue politics with someone who isn’t even old enough to vote and is only repeating what his mom and dad say.
Actually, there’s no reason to argue politics at all. I don’t care what other people think.

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@KRD You mean the CLASSIFIED documents? Why you? Are you cleared for those? <eye roll>

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