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How many pairs of sneakers do you have?

Asked by JLeslie (65335points) September 26th, 2022 from iPhone

All types, whether you use them for exercise, fashion, or even if they’re sitting in your closet a long time not being used.

Two friends of mine recently posted a photo on Facebook of their Zumba sneakers. They’re both instructors, and they had around ten pairs each! I have one pair that I use for Zumba, I’m thinking about buying another.

Total I have 4 pairs of sneakers. 1 Zumba, 2 that don’t fit me well and I rarely wear them except to work in the garden, and 1 that is like a Ked’s that are just for fashion and I rarely wear them since I live in a hot weather place and mostly wear sandals.

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Two running
Two casual

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Three. One for walking/running, one for around town, and one for dressier casual.

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I don’t think I have any.

Oh, wait: somewhere I have a gold pair, metallic gold fabric uppers. I bought them to wear to a series of classes on the world’s great wisdom traditions. Don’t know where they are now.

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two. One active, one in reserve.

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Oh gosh, loads, about 12 pairs. Don’t get me started on dress shoes and hiking shoes, high heels, low heels, open-toe, saddles, etc.

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I currently have 12, though one pair is for hiking that I really only use for that purpose; most are athletic, though I also have some pairs of canvas shoes that I wear for looks more than anything else.

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We aren’t counting vans or converse, right?


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3. Two of them have been worn maybe once or twice. They last nearly forever since they no longer get the workout when my nose was to the grindstone.

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@RayaHope Wait…are saddle shoes back in?

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^^ Haha typo that is supposed to say sandals, but I do have one pair of those too. :)

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Apparently Nordstrom and JCrew are both carrying saddle shoes this season.

Guess that kind of makes sense that they are back in style. Oxfords have been more popular again the last five years or so.

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Four. Yard work shoes, active shoes, converse and a Guess pair I use for events.

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Real honest-to-goodness tennis shoes??

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I have about 12 but that’s because I need a new pair about every 3 months but can’t bear to throw the old ones out. Sometimes I donate them. I wear sneakers nearly every day and they wear out fast.

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None, but I’m currently shopping for a pair for walking and in two weeks I have yet to find a good pair that fits that don’t cost over $130.

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Three at home, one pair in my car and one pair at work.

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One really nice pair (charcoal grey, black laces) I wear with dress pants.

One junky, falling apart pair that lives in the shoe caddy by the door — for taking out the doggies and the trash.

One pair of slip on All Birds that are for in-the-house only.

The other six are on rotation to wear with jeans and shorts.

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Now I have to get me some sneakers. But saddle shoes? Not back then, and not now.

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Two. One for walking around town, and one for the gym or indoors.

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Currently I have 8
A different shoe for every sport/purpose.
Cross Trainer
2x Running
2x Walking

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Two. One pair is in my gym bag.

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I have owned one pair since 2015 which are little used and which I no longer wear.

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@Forever_Free Do you go bare foot to work??

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^ My understanding is he’s a male stripper, so yes, he goes barefoot.

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@elbanditoroso I may resume wearing them someday.

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None. Boots for working/going out, clogs for baking, boots for rain, boots for hiking, crocs for casual things, barefoot as much as possible.

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I bought a pair of slip on sneakers just last night! That will bring me up to four.

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@kritiper When I was taking the train to work and walking 1.3 miles to the office, I would walk in dress shoes and not sneakers.
I am fully remote now so I am lucky if I even put clothes on these days to walk to the office 30 feet down the hall. Yet I am still late for work.

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@chyna There is a big difference between male stripper and gigolo.

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@Forever_Free Can you demonstrate?

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@Dutchess_III Is that what the kids are calling it now?

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Calling what?

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I have about four new pairs in boxes, in a cabinet. I also have other shoes, brand new in boxes. If I see a good price, I pick up the shoes and then when I need new ones, I shop in the cabinet.

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@Forever_Free…is what the kids are calling what today?

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^^ Enlightenment?? (You said “enlighten us” FF said “is that what kids are calling it these days?”) just guessing

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give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.

You said “There is a big difference between male stripper and gigolo.”
What are the diffences?

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@Forever_Free isn’t answering and I was just trying to explain what I thought the situation was. nm

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I have 2 pairs that I use. One set are old and dirty but still comfy so I use them when not meeting anyone. The other is newer, but not quite broken in yet.

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@Dutchess_III apologies for not responding. I have been busy “demonstrating”.

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So what is what the kids are calling “it” nowadays? What is “it” @Forever_Free?

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@Dutchess_III Jokes aren’t jokes when you have to explain them.
Term -> Is that what kids are calling it

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Or maybe whatever it was, was not funny to begin with. All of us are still wondering what “it” was.

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^^ refer to the post above yours.
No reference to the Stephen King book either. Get it?

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Still makes no sense

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Ah – Sweet mystery of life!

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Ah! I know at last the secret of it all;
All the longing, seeking, striving, waiting, yearning

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