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Would anyone want to join me in a liver party?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19124points) October 17th, 2022

I just got out of the ICU, from a successful liver transplant! For the religious, please say pa prayer for my anonymous donor.
I am in amazing pain, but otherwise I feel like a new man.

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It’s wonderful to hear your good news! Yay! I pray for a full recovery.

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I owe my life, to the donor. I feel that I owe a debt, I cannot justify, nor repay. I have to pay for it. I have to be a better person and help others, as much as possible.

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@MrGrimm888 well at least two good things came from that: you have your life and motivation to be better. That should be a reason for a party :)

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Congratulations Mr Grimm!!! I’m very happy for you!

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This is wonderful news! I’m so happy for you. Happy healing, and less pain : )

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Congo rats, and God bless the donor!

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A dear friend of mine is in the same boat as you. His transplant was last week. I saw his scar. Oh my!

Hang in there! We all love you.

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That’s great news. Congratulations on your renewal!

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Crying in pain .(((((( HUGS. ))))
Peace and love…..

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{{{{ HUGGGZ }}}}
May your recovery be uneventful & you’ll be dancing in the streets soon!!!

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I am so, so happy to learn this. I’m not religious, but I’ll light a candle for you at the first church I pass. I want you to know that there’s people all over the world, rooting for you and wishing you peace.

You are already a lovely person :] You can stop trying to fix yourself. You’re not broken.

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@MrGrimm888 We’ve all been concerned, and your news is wonderful. Best wishes for a full, speedy recovery, and for the many good years ahead of you.

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Speedy recovery ! !


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Yay, so happy for you. And after several of our chats, I love to hear that you found a reason to carry on. Big hugs!!

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Big congrats! Here is to a speedy recovery!

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Wow! This is the biggest, best news ever! Congratulations on the liver and thankful for the donor. You are truly deserving of this transplant and don’t think otherwise.

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All righty! Hosannas!

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Congratulations @MrGrimm888 I’ve been thinking about you.

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Thanks for letting us join in the celebration! This calls for balloons. I hope your recovery is swift and smooth.

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I’m glad you’re out of ICU and are able to de*liver* the news yourself! Very happy for you! {{hugs}}

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Thanks for the support of this awesome pond.
Had some vomiting this morning but it was just temporary…..

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~I’ll bring the fava beans. Someone bring a nice Chianti.

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Congrats on the new liver! Wishing you a fast recovery.

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Thank God and your donor that you are now okay and on your way to recovery! Many (((HUGZ))) and KISSES!!!! :D

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This is amazing news! So glad to hear from you, Grimm. And so thrilled for this news!

Should we all do a hurray-for-a-new-liver dance? What would that even look like? :D

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squishy and red

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So what do you want to eat for the party? With a liver transplant I’m not sure what you are allowed to eat.

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^Hmm. I could probably do some sushi. Maybe spicy shrimp with brown rice rolls,? A dolop of Wasabi?
A pllumb juice to drink…

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Someone brings one up please.

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^ Thanks Mimi . You and I can eat together. I think I’m only on the first floor of the mansion,but we. Can eat by a window viewing the pond….
Anyone else care to join us?......

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I want sushi!

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Sashimi – - – - low carb don’t need the rice.

Maybe Sea Urchin too !

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@Tropical_Willie I got a chance to eat sea urchin some time ago. It wasn’t good at all. There was too much shell and water and not much meat. But then again the place I was eating in didn’t seem like a very reputable place. So maybe I will have another chance to eat real sea urchin?

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I think that you are correct in your assessment of urchins .

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I have 2 pet sea urchins. They are super cool – they like to carry stuff around on their bodies. 1 is currently carrying around a frag of zoas and the other has the molted skin of crab, and possibly a turbo snail. Don’t eat them…

@MrGrimm888 Congrats and a speedy recovery.

And a reminder to everyone that organ donation is a great thing, will absolutely save someone’s life and we should all consider becoming donors.

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I’m sorry I am so late!
WOW! This is great news!!! You are on the upside now!!!

I am a donor. I signed up when I got my first motorcycle in my early 20s. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for others, I never needed to donate any parts. (Although I would have been more than willing to donate my rotten prostate but nobody wanted it.)

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I hate liver. If it’s in the house I can tell the moment I come in the door.

(Congrats to you and deepest sympathy and respect for the donor.)

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Congratulations MrGrrimm!

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