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Is this agoraphobia? (Details inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24656points) December 4th, 2022

I feel embarrassed and vulnerable when walking downtown where I live to get groceries

What I do is take the taxi, and order online for groceries.

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If you had agoraphobia, you would never leave your home, even to take a taxi.
Does Red Deer have a lot of poor people? Maybe that is what is making you feel uneasy.

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Can you just walk outdoors without a mission? By that I mean just walking around a few blocks without carrying groceries – just looking at stores and window displays.
Red Deer looks like it is a very peaceful place.

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That’s not agoraphobia, but you may be self-conscious.

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@LostInParadise Yes. Red Deer is a dumping ground for the mentally challenged from the Ponoka mental hospital and addictions and brain injury and mental health. I was dumped here from a mental hospital 12 years ago, and I am finally getting ahead, financially and emotionally

@LuckyGuy No. I don’t want to slip on the ice on the sidewalks. Also an aggressive panhandler used a hepatitis laden needle to rob a pharmacy of narcotics last year. He got caught, but it still scares the crap out of me of how desperate the poor are. It usually costs me $20—$40 from being panhandled on my way to the grocery store.

Also there are bigger people than me screaming about politics and F Trudeau and F this and F that. I am 6’5” and 292 pounds and I am still scared of going outside.

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From your description, agoraphobia has nothing to do with your fears. It is rather a fear of people, a justified fear if a routine walk to the grocery store can set you back 40 bucks.

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I’m not a doctor, so I can’t give you a diagnosis, but I can say that in my educated opinion you are borderline between self-conscious and agoraphobic. I think that with some time and kind coaching, you could begin to move around outside your home easily. I don’t think you can do that right now with ease. I’m not able to give you that coaching. It will have to be someone there in Red Deer. Perhaps your local lending library will know of a resource who can help you. Maybe there’s a university where you can ask for counseling from a student psychologist. I wish I could do more.

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@all I Googled fear of people, and came up as anthropophobia. It sounds like an insight, that gives me a starting point with my family doctor, and student psychologist tomorrow evening. Thanks all. : )

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Anthropophobia is also known as a part of social anxiety disorder.

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Don’t think that it’s agoraphobia or you wouldn’t be able to leave your home for any reason. It sounds like you have valid fears for not wandering out.

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Doesn’t sound like agoraphobia. But does sound like anxiety. Are you currently attending therapy?

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Update I will talk to my dr. On December 23 and will update Fluther then

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^^ Looking forward to your update!!!

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@all Too cold and waiting for my first delivery of chefs plate on December 22. Which turns out to be the correct date for my doctor appointment. So I am rescheduling for Jan 16 Monday. Will keep putting it off untill it warms up.

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Update The police are enforcing panhandling laws and the city closed and demolished a low rental apartment next to the grocery store where I typically shop.

I mainly use Instacart, and other online shopping services.

I am afriad now to soil myself walking so far.

Thanks @all for your assistance.

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