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Is there a place for purple in your life?

Asked by Jeruba (55495points) December 10th, 2022

Some people don’t seem to be affected much by color, and some definitely shy away from purple, as if as a color it weren’t quite civilized. How do you feel about it?

I don’t have much use for pink at all, and there are obnoxious shades of green and yellow that I avoid, but I’m great with purple. My wardrobe has a lot of solid purple items and water-colory blends with blues and aquas. I have my room painted in three muted shades of purple. i like to write with purple ink and have purple and yellow flowers in the yard, and if I ever get the chance, I’ll have a purple car.

How do you relate to purple?

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I don’t dislike purple, I can’t see owning a purple vehicle anytime soon.

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When my son and I were passing through Montana, we saw a beautiful shiny royal purple pickup truck parked by the side of the road, with a sign on it that said $4000.To this day I half wish I could go back and get it.

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I don’t really like any standout colors on my vehicles ,I am very found of simply grey my new truck is gun grey in color.
For the last thirty years all my trucks have been grey.

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It is a majestic color.
I have several purple items, including my iPhone case.

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Purple is my favorite color, though like @SQUEEKY2 I don’t think I could rock a purple vehicle.

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I like purple. I used to love it and considered it my favorite color, then I had a boss who love it and it was her favorite color, and she had everything purple. Purple handbags, purple coats, purple this, purple that. I started avoiding purple because I didn’t want to seem like I was copying her or doing it for favoritism. Now I’d say green is my favorite color but I do have a bunch of purple jackets, which I will keep, especially since I no longer work with the purple boss. I don’t think I would buy a purple car. It would stand out too much.

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I like earthy colors. Purple has its place just not as the main theme to something.

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i once owned a 1974 Plymouth Duster in Plum Crazy That is not my car. Mine did not have the racing stripes or the nice engine or the fancy wheels. But it was Plum Crazy. Hey, It was the 70s.
I am neutral to purple. I’m looking around my house now and only see purple on some of my wall maps and on a coffee can. Through my thermal imager, purple means the object is at the cooler end of the temperature range and generally safe to touch.

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Well, when I grow up to be an Emperor Penguin, I suspect I’ll don my royal purple robe. It is a color I like but not one I have many things in. A few items of clothing is all. It is however, my DIL’s favorite color so I have bought things for her in it.

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My car is ‘Midnight Indigo’ which basically just means ‘dark purple’. I didn’t pick it because I’m partial to purple, it’s just that the other color choices ranged from ‘hideous’ to ‘boring’ with little in between. The world does not need another white, black, or silver car.

I live in an area where the local team wears purple so purple jerseys are plentiful (though I myself am not a fan of that team).

Personally, my favorite color is green. Not all greens are created equal though. I prefer a medium green, like a leafy color. A dark forest green is just wanna-be-black, and a fllourescent or lime green is too light. Too much of a ‘look at me’ color.

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May new neighbor has been termed the purple princess by her family. She has a shirt with that on it even. She has a purple jeep. Her hair is purple. She always wears something that is purple. She has a white Christmas tree with only purple lights on it. When she moved into the house, she repainted the walls in varying degrees of purple (and yellow/gold…it was her color pallet).

I think it is a bit of purple overload, but it isn’t my decision. I would not use so much of any one color in my life. I like variety too much. I have a couple of purple shirts, but I don’t wear them all the time. I also have teal, blue, green, yellow and even pink shirts. All sort of depends on my mood at the time I’m getting dressed.

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I am not a big fan of purple. Like pink, purple is not in the rainbow, although indigo and violet are, and they strike me as being more natural.

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Only when I am getting choked.

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@Jeruba Did you make this question for me? PURPLE is the color for Epilepsy and I have MANY purple items of clothing, pendants, key-chains, you name it I probably have it. Oh, and I do LOVE the color…not so much the epilepsy but still working on that. :)

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I just bought a purple Aloha shirt yesterday.

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I prefer muted tones like plum and lilac. I own one lavender jacket. I like lavender paired with cobalt blue, crimson, chocolate, or white. Purple feels celebratory.

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Sure. I imagine there is a place in my life for most any color. Even colors I don’t really care for might show up in the vegetable drawer or on a pasta wrapper or pizza box.

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What an odd question.

I don’t dislike any color, purple included. Each has its own place. Purple shirts are fine, purple hair is not for me.

But the same goes for any of the other 65,535 colors that exist.

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My first new car was purple.

I was a big Prince fan for years and got to see him live.

My daughter’s favorite color was purple.

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If I was to get a Hot Rod roadster . . . purple might be the color.

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I’d love to read what answers we’d get from Alice Walker, “Jumpin’ Jiminy” Hendrix, Prince, and Zany Grey! ;)

I think the only purple-containing clothing I have is a Laker jacket or tee.

If I was going to wear purple, one combo would be subdued purp pants with a blue shirt, aka the bottom third of a pride flag.

Another would be the same pants with a fuchsia-red shirt, a blue jacket, or any item with any one of those choices. On some occasions, I could see topping that with a rainbow-striped tie.

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There will always be a spot in my heart for purple. I missed a bucket list moment to see it in person.

Prince- Purple Rain:

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I should mention my wife currently has a purple tint in her hair.

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I love purple!

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I used to like aubergine (dark purple/eggplant) a lot for clothing pieces, but I don’t wear it as much anymore. I don’t think it’s trending, so it’s harder to find it in stores the last few years maybe. I don’t shop a lot. I still like that color. I even have a set of sheets that are dark purple that I just had on my bed last month, and a couple of dresses that don’t fit me anymore.

Pastel purple in a myriad of pastels can be very pretty. I’m not a pastel person generally, but I can appreciate it in homes, artwork, and other encounters when done well.

There is a shade of medium dark grey used in decor that has a purple undertone that I find beautiful. It was used more in the ‘90’s I think.

For many years now I haven’t bought purple, except I bought a medium purple and white exercise top about 4 years ago. I have the same shirt in black and white and it fit great. The purple was the only one left in my size. Whenever I wear it, it doesn’t really feel like me.

I think purple is now seen more in items for little girls, seen a lot in the Black community, and also purple men’s ties in politics. So, people that are heavily influenced by what they observe on the outside, and how they identify with it, that might subconsciously influence how they identify with or whether they like a color.

I grew up with my mom and relatives on her side of the family referencing the color royal purple, and still think of that medium dark shade as royal, especially on rich or plush fabric.

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Quick mention: the color purple is the color of mourning in some cultures. I don’t know if those cultures shy away from using it in other situations? Black is the color for mourning in the US and we still use it in both casual and formal clothing outside of mourning and in decor, so that has me wondering about the use of the color purple in those countries and cultures.

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I don’t dislike purple. I wear black, usually.
The color I would NEVER do is pink!

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@kritiper Why never pink? I think pink looks good on men.

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I love pink too. I have several pink shoes.

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@Caravanfan But do I have to stay off your blue suede shoes?

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My dad bought pink suede shoes for $2 when he was a kid (maybe he was a teenager) with his best friend and they dyed them blue. One of those stories that make me smile and sad all at once.

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@janbb I’m too cheap for blue suede shoes.

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My most favorite color

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