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Fluther-like after dark?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11290points) September 21st, 2008

There have been several sexual questions in the last couple of days that possibly could have been answered in more graphic terms. Is there any type of Q and A site that deals with more sexually explicit issues? There are many questions I have that I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking here at Fluther. An “adult” fluther would be great. Does anyone know of any like this?

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There is an art to this. But it is possible to do it in a non x-rated way.

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@daloon: If I understand you correctly, I agree. There is an art to answering questions without being too graphic. But, sometimes graphic is good, just not here at Fluther. If I want to ask about buying a vibrator or handcuffs the discussion could (and should!) trip down a graphic road. My question is “Does a site exist that is well run and moderated like Fluther but allows for graphic sexual discussion?”

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Try WebMD, they are pretty good at answering health related questions.
Oh, and, if you dare….you can say anything you want over there.

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I dunno. Latin versions of various terms might allow one to be graphic without being obscene.

I have to say, that part of this is the challenge you present. I’d love to see if I could write things in a way that would be acceptable, yet would discuss things graphically. But I appreciate your desire to find a moderated place that keeps the crazies away, but allows for serious discussion of intimate subjects.

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Are there any sexual questions left unanswered? I have found many sites on the net where anything goes, and keeps on going. (see sarapnsc’s link.) Fluther seems to have been designed with different goals in mind.

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@galicalled, Sueanne seen it and has already responded with an email.

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@gail: Of course there are questions unasked and unanswered. True enough I can get my jollys by going to a site and talking dirty, but that isn’t what I seek. I seek a place like Fluther that is well moderated where there are no taboo questions or answers.

I’d be happy to pose one of my unanswered questions to you via PM : )~

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I’d love to see it, Sueanne. as long as it doesn’t involve shoes :-)

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