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How important is it, really, to have a rug pad for an area rug?

Asked by shilolo (18038points) September 21st, 2008

I just moved into a house with all hardwood floors and need to buy a bunch of area rugs. Each store says they strongly suggest a rug pad (for an extra $100, of course). What is the purpose of the pad? Can I do without it?

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Bite the bullet and buy the bloody things. They keep rugs from slipping and wearing out and give a little cushioning. Get gorgeous little Orientals that you can take with you on next move; the pads get rolled up.

Congratulations on the move.

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I have hardwood floors. I recommend you buy the pads for all the reasons gail mentions…..I have an 8×11 foot rug in the LR and it would “creep” before I got a pad underneath it (and this was even though it had furniture on it….).....

One caveat… can get equal quality pads at discount type stores. I got mine at Home Goods…... I think the one for the LR rug was in the $40 range…..

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I am with Gail and Snoopy, buy the mats, you will be glad you did.

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Certain types of rug “backing” can also scratch those beautiful hardwood floors. Get the rug pad!

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I’m just popping in to say that I ‘fifth’ everything people here say. I had a friend in high school that worked in a rug/carpet store part time. The biggest mistake people make is spending big money on a rug and/or carpet and skimping on the pad. It is better to get the best quality pad you can, even if it means skimping on the rug/carpet.

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My friend didn’t buy a rug pad for his brand new area rug and his house burned down. Coincidence? I think not.

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@jballou. well, if that doesn’t convince him….I don’t know what will.

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we just bought some at target. I highly recommend it. I actually like my rugs now…

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