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If you start your garden from seed, when do you start?

Asked by canidmajor (20059points) 2 weeks ago

When and how do you start your seeds? Winter, indoors, with grow lights? Maybe early spring outside? How?
Every year I wrestle with finding the sweet spot for the start and I almost never get it quite right.

What about you?

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Depends largely on where you live and if you start indoors or out.

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@RayaHope, that’s why I specified it in the details, and not by date, but by season. I am mostly interested in how others fare with this.

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Also by what plant.

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I seem to have not put it that well. I want to know what and when others do. There are people locally I can consult, I am just curious about what other jellies do.

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I’m trying “winter sowing” for the first time, just put them out today.

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I’m just north of Orlando and start plants inside of my house any time of year, but I just do things like lemon seeds and peppers. As long as they are near a sunny window most things I’ve tried to start sprout up, I haven’t paid much attention to what time of year.

The best time in FL for starting seedlings is springtime for a lot of fruits and veggies for outside gardens. I think almost everything grows in spring here; late February, March, or April. An exception I can think of is strawberries, I very big crop near me. I think those are planted in fall and harvested in March, April, and May. We have big festivals in that March April time frame.

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When the snow is off the mountain.

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I grow a lot of basil to make pesto, and I grow it from seed outdoors for the challenge and fun.

And every year in May or June I say, “I should have started the seeds indoors in February!”

This year I plan to start my seeds inside in February. I am in Wisconsin, in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 5b.

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