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When you get together with friends do you always expect there to be food?

Asked by JLeslie (65507points) January 15th, 2023 from iPhone

If you plan a time to get together is there always food involved? Either going to a restaurant or even if you drop by one of your houses do you expect some sort of food to be offered or a meal?

Do you want to always have food involved or do you prefer no food most of the time? Do you want to be able to do activities or just meet-up sans the food obligation?

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Younger days, yes. Older days…which is now…no. I guess aging has its effects on food situations in friendly relations.

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No. Eating is almost always secondary (and optional) to seeing friends, to me.

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What are “friends”?

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Sure, but not necessarily a meal.
Popcorn, guacamole, nachos, or a cheese plate is fine.

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Not necessarily. When I meet up with my friends, it’s usually low-key. We often drink tea, soft drinks or juice and might snack on something like cookies or crackers. If we’re together for breakfast or dinnertime, we make a meal or (for dinner) order in.

There’s certainly no expectation of food when we meet up for activities like a forest walk. When we meet “in the city” (as in, the pedestrian city center), we do often get something to eat together.

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Only if it’s at lunchtime. But seriously no. We’re too much into talking about the stupid guy in class or what crazy TiKTok video we just saw. lol

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When there is a plan to get together, yes, food is usually part of that. When you just end up spending time together, if food isn’t there then, it will be shortly. It may start with let pop in
Xxxx and get a drink but food will follow.

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Everyone eats, right? Food is always considered when making plans with friends.

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At their home or my home no. Other than major holidays. Restaurants yes.

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A lot of the time I prefer not to eat when visiting or going out. I was like that before covid, and more so now.

Sometimes I’ll say, “I’ll come by after lunch,” and instead of getting an “ok” they often say, “I don’t mind eating late,” or, “I’ll fix something for us.” Mind you, it’s not mostly about not wanting to get sick, it’s mostly about not wanting to eat food that’s bad for my health. I eat badly enough as it is, but eating in restaurants and usually when eating at someone’s house, I’m eating worse (for my health) than eating at home.

Luckily, where I live there are plenty of things to do that food isn’t expected, but the situation still comes up quite a bit.

When I was a kid and into my early 20’s that pressure to eat wasn’t there. Sure we ordered a pizza quite often in college, but I didn’t expect to be fed when I visited a friend for an hour or two and hanging out wasn’t always having to go eat.

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