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Ignoring the irrelevant factors of legality and the concept of "private ownership", is being a "thief" who "steals" as a living, really any different in principle from being a Hunter-Gatherer?

Asked by ragingloli (52055points) January 20th, 2023

Essentially, both take by force from other participants in the competition to survive, without regard for the fate of the other.
The berry bush gave no consent to have its fruit forcibly taken, nor did the deer agree to be killed and eaten.

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Excellent question! The proecess has been going on for ~3 billion years. Amoeba

In some neighborhoods nefarious individual walk up and down the streets opening car doors trying to find anything they can use or sell.

Euglena seems to handle the situation well. They are photosynthetic protists, They can make their own food by day and but hunt at night.

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Depends on your point of view. Imo, Creator gave us nature to sustain us according to my religion. And throughout history, stealing has been a criminal act.

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The difference between picking a berry from a bush and taking a berry someone else has picked was first understood around 5 million years ago.

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I stole some sun to get a tan. Should I give it back?

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People that steal from other people are more like parasites than hunter gatherers. They are worse than parasites because they are parasites upon their own species as well as their own civilization. A good parasite will take advantage of other species not their own.

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Hmmm… what a loli-ism ;-)

But I’m curious what your own thoughts might be after some urban junglehood breaks into your home, takes most of your food & valuables, and assaults you in the process. I’m guessing there wouldn’t be a lot of abstraction over “irrelevant legal factors”. You’ll want your shit back, and you’ll want to be protected.Because it’s not hunting & gathering. It’s crime.

I think the reality is, what you’re suggesting only shows how far removed modern communities are from the true nature of hunter-gatherer societies – And how totally ignorant we’ve become about the basic envirnomental ethics, chains of cooperation & sharing, and spiritual awareness that real tribal societies create and rely on in order to survive :

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Like using humans for labor. Treating them as work animals.

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How would one conclude whether the bush or deer gave consent? In the case of the berries, being eaten in actually how they spread and fertilize their seed.

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