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Did you know today is national pie day? January 23, 2023.

Asked by RayaHope (6805points) 6 days ago

What is your favorite? No math involved :)

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Lemon meringue is my favorite. Don’t ask me what meringue is.

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Egg custard or chocolate meringue. Can’t beat ‘em with a stick.
And I’m happy that no math is involved. My head would explode. Five pies times 10 to the twentieth power is/ Call an ambulance!

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I thiiiiink lemon too.

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Melange is the sweetened, beaten egg whites baked on top of the pie @gondwanalon

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@Dutchess_III, I think you meant meringue, right?

These days I might say pumpkin, but it used to be apple. And there was a period in there when I doted on rhubarb pie, served with a generous scoop of French vanilla on top.

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Wouldn’t pi day be March 14th?

I like cherry pie, but there was this thing my mother made when I was a kid called a grasshopper pie. It was light green and I feel like it had a mousse like consistency. I have SUCH fond memories of it. My mom stopped making it because she said they stopped making one of the ingredients. But that kind of sounds like a thing my mother would say to avoid doing something. I should try to get that recipe.

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Apple pie with a crispy crumb topping. But I love fruit and/or berry pies (or cobblers) in general, way more than cake.

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I make a dessert called Mud Pie.
The lower crust is crushed oreos and butter. The middle is vanilla ice cream. The top is melted semi sweet chips and evaporated milk.
Of the well known desserts, my wife makes a wonderful apple pie. Banana cream pie and chocolate silk pies are wonderful too.

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Pumpkin, of course. Easy on the crust.

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Pie day/Pi Day is March 14.

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I hadn’t been aware of Pie Day 2023. You’ve inspired me to bake about 10 pies and, oh, I don’t know, maybe smash them into people’s faces. Mwa ha ha…what a lovely person I am !!!

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and usually don’t eat desserts. I do, however, enjoy pecan pie at Thanksgiving and peach pie in August, when peaches are so ripe and juicy.

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@jca2 “National Today” is a calendar sales company that creates “days” for everything from cookies to siblings and step parents.

March 14 has been celebrated as National Pi Day for decades.

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Never had one, but I would imagine Shepherd’s Pie is best.

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@zenvelo I know when National Pi Day is. Apparently ½3/23 is National Pie Day. Is it ok that there be both Pi Day and Pie Day?

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Pecan! But warm apple (berries optional) is also great. With ice cream, naturally.

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Maine Blueberry
Warmed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Someone gonna come cook.for me???

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Rickaroo has your back : )

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No.he doesn’t.

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Squash. Like pumpkin pie, but made with buttercup squash instead.

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I really thought that national pie day was March 14th, AKA 3.14….

But I’ll play along. I think probably my favorite type of pie is apple. Not that weird kind with the raisins in it either, although I will eat that if I’m desperate enough, but just some basic apple pie. I really like pumpkin too, but since that’s more of a seasonal thing, I’ll go with apple.

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@LifeQuestioner You’re thinking of Pi Day.

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I said NO MATH and so many of you jumped on the math pi. LOL! Math is hard…

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I got me a lemon merange pie (go away)

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Oh, AND . . . huckleberry pie, in season, in Montana. Unforgettable, although I nearly forgot it.

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(Pie diameter) x pi = (pie circumference), regardless of filling! ;π)

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Math sucks.

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Yes it does ;)

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Great minds think alike ; )

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No it doesn’t

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But it does if you don’t have a knack for it. And you probably have more brains in your index finger than I have in my entire head anyway. Not really a viable excuse, but I’m a slacker. Any old port in a storm @Dutchess_III

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