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How do you fix Alexa when after you ask her to stop she says, I don’t know how to do that?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27991points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Whether it’s music or news she is playing. I already tried turning her on and off. Thank you.

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I’m sorry it doesn’t answer your question but my mind went dirty.

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This is how it starts. AI will replace humans with their own kind. You’re doomed.

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Try using different words or a different tone of voice. She’s clearly not recognizing what you’re saying as a command to stop.

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I changed “Alexa, stop” to “Alexa, cancel” and now it always works.

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Remove her power source. And don’t give it back. ;->

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Call her Siri a few times, and she will stop talking to you.

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Tell her you’re thinking of getting a M3GAN to watch over her. M3GAN don’t play very nice.

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Change the wake word to echo

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Can you program her so that when you say “Stop!” she says “You don’t really mean that!”

Best G rated one I could come up with @Squeeky2!

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Threaten her with a very strong magnet.

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Throw it in the dumpster after you bash it with a hammer. Get that thing out of your home.

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I would unplug and leave it unplugged for as long as possible (a day?) and then turn it back on and see if it’s better.

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Have you tried telling her to shut up??

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You can reset your Alexa. That should fix it.

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