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Why do so shows get cancelled without a final episode?

Asked by MikeL (16points) September 22nd, 2008

why do so many tv shows be cancelled without a series final

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125 times, it is my count and I am going to stick to it, no matter what.

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42. Don’t question it.

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i mean like on tv shows actress sure it happend on some shows or another

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Am I missing something?

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Um…Is the answer purple by any chance?

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A drink? A girls head? Huh? Are you talking about any show that had a girl getting a drink poured over her head? Is there even a way to find that out? I’m sure there are many many shows depicting a girl with a drink getting poured over her head.

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The original question was flagged then changed. The first 4 answers were referring to the original.

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yeah i apologice for first question i dont know what i was thinking when i wrote that got something wrong with my typing fingers anyway this is the one im answering now what last person said.i typed last one wrong but anyway this one be better cause more apperoiate thanks for understanding im also new here

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The first 6 answers I know was refering to the original question
seeing as though I was the 6th

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Because they weren’t making enough money, and the network or producers don’t want to throw good money after bad.

I think mine is the only answer to the current question?

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that is a good answer u did good dland think that your name but anyway u would think they let the cast know before they cancel them like they did married with children jeffersons other shows they cancelled without letting them know .

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I suspect it differs from show to show, network to network, production company to production company… Just like in any other business, layoffs are handled very differently from one company to another: I’ve seen places where months of advance planning prepared managers and staff for the coming layoff with weeks of notice and severance packages running months long, and others where managers got paperwork for their employees to be laid off on the day of the layoff, no notice period, and a paltry two-week severance package. I’m sure it’s the same in the TV biz.

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