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Why are Republicans using the term "WOKE" like it's the end of days?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22611points) 2 months ago

They seem to be like a dog with a bone, first it’s the email thing, then it’s Hunter’s laptop, there must be enough data on that thing to end the world.
Now it’s woke, and they want you to be more scared of it than Freddy Krueger, why?

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They are afraid of it so they are trying to demonize it like they do everything else they are afraid of.

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Because they’ve got no real plans to help or fix anything.

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Right wingers thrive on fear & their information providers give them words that sets them off. If you ask anyone of them what WOKE means, they can’t tell you!!! We have one left winger here who finally figured it out…The definition of “woke” is a consciousness’ of the world around you as in being awake without victimizing anyone!!!

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I can see why the Rep/cons are terrified of it then @LadyMarissa .

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Because it makes them feel united. For some they feel against a group that they fear will ruin America. For some they feel united against what they feel is a ridiculous extreme that is annoying. For some they just like the reaction they get from their friends when they use the term.

I’m a Democrat and I am annoyed the word woke was ever used by anyone. I don’t like it, and it was an easy target for the Republicans, but the Republicans would come up with stuff no matter what, so not much we can do about that anyway.

It doesn’t matter the “real” definition of woke, it only matters how people actually define and use it. It’s like the definition of nationalism, the Republicans kept posting the definition during debates about the word, and ignoring that for most people nationalism is what most people associate with the rise of the Nazis, and that patriotism and nationalism are two different things. Nationalism is a word of the white supremacists, and a lot of Republicans seem not to know it.

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Because they are successful in turning acts of shallowness and dumbness come across as mockery of the other side and their voters find it all sorts of funny and ingratiating, in short, entertaining.

Recently, I found out that some Fox News hosts tease out the upcoming news describing it using the same phrase or a variation of it over and over again….”The next news is going to make you mad.” “This is going to make your blood boil.”

On a Lyft ride one morning last week, on a Fox News radio station, every other news segment is about some bad news happening in the US but whatever that bad news was, they imply if not directly say it’s the Democrats fault it happened.
It’s so obvious that it’s modern day propaganda.

And obviously the propaganda quite effectively works on voters who are gullible enough and probably hateful enough to get sucked into all that emotional manipulation by a money- grabbing business owned by a greedy ogre named Rupert Murdoch.

Yet it’s all legal in a Democracy isn’t it? Propaganda that may very well lead to its very own demise. The Power truly is in the hands of the People. Sadly that includes the Power to Destroy themselves.

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Because they have zero intention of being woke, or changing.
They may be okay with other races but not acknowledge racial bias or profiling. They may be okay with YOUR LGBTQ kid but not their own.
Mostly they are tired of hearing about it as they don’t feel it effects them.

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@KNOWITALL I hear and see the Republicans using the word woke more than Democrats. Or, do you just mean Republicans are tired of hearing about minority rights and issues?

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They despise virtue signaling.

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Because no one knows what “woke” is. They do not know what it means, and more importantly, their supporters do not know what it means, so they can work their propaganda machine to make it cover everything they are against, from transgender people, gays, teaching black history, to breast cancer treatment. It is even more useful a word for them to abuse than their previous rallying cries, like “cultural bolshevism”, or “critical race theory”, because those are things that have actual definitions that people can look up, and that can be used to throw it back into their faces.

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They despise virtue.

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They are hot-button dog-whistles.
They are screaming “Don’t wait and try to understand it! Panic!”

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“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” chicken little republicans.

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They don’t really have any idea of what it really means but they want to sound to other Republicans like they do.

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It’s shorthand for everything they hate.

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The first time I remember hearing the term Woke was when Maxine Waters told a bunch of millennials to “Stay Woke!”. Shortly after that, the left picked up the term and used it like crazy to try shutting down opposition voices, “You just don’t like that we’re WOKE!”. So it started to morph from something that had meaning (kind of) to something that was used to defend any lefty actions. Now Republicans are using it as the term for all things leftist. As best as I can tell, that was the basic etiology of that term.

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@seawulf575 It’s not exactly all things leftist, it’s a particular way the left flag is flown that makes it woke. There is a component of smugness and a component of fakeness. These companies that follow the woke path really don’t care, we know this. They do it for PR. If they drink the kool-aid too much the cult of woke starts to invade. It’s a social contagion thing. It could have easily been right-wing politics but the spotlight is on the left right now. When I hear “woke” I see insincere and opportunistic virtue signaling. It’s harder for left wingers to see it as it supports their agenda. To be fair, there was a good bit of this going on with MAGA Trumpers too. Regardless, this behavior is debasing, confuses and reduces complex, important issues into petty slogans and sound bites. It’s stupifying that we accept it in any form. It’s not called out enough.

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@Blackwater_Park Where are you seeing the left use the word so much? On Fox News? I mostly watch MSNBC, which is biased to the left, and CNN, which is more neutral, and I don’t hear the word woke being used. I don’t watch 24 hours a day, but that’s my experience. Just this afternoon an article about Disney World came into my feed on facebook about Disney not being in as many searches as some other tourist spots and there were dozens of people saying no one wants to go to that woke place, or something similar. That is Republicans or Trumper Libertarians or the Chinese and Russians might have bots on there too. None of my Democratic close friends use the word. Not for a long time now. When the word first popped up I heard some Democrats trying to define it, but that all faded.

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@JLeslie I’m not. Some on the left use it, but it’s primarily a right-wing adoption that flags this behavior. It’s getting a little long in the tooth too. CNN is not neutral at all. It’s as bad as FOX news.

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I have never heard anyone on the left use the term, not saying they haven’t I just have never heard them use it.

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Because it’s easy to stir up anger and hatred and votes with fear.

Republicans and the right-wing media coordinate to stir up the rubes with the current Two Minutes Hate to distract from their attacks on American life.

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@seawulf575: The term as it’s used now, in politics and activism, goes way, way back, before Maxine Waters: In fact, one of the earliest uses is by Republicans.

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@jca2 Are you referring to the section about Lincoln era republicans?

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@cheebdragon Are you going to say Lincoln era Republicans are today’s Democrats and Lincoln era Democrats are today’s Republicans? I’m just curious where you are going with that question.

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It’s a political winner among the base.

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Perhaps because it apparently drives the left nuts.

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I never use the term because it seems to be constantly changing. It’s being used to polarize and divide people, which is counter to what I am about.

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@jca2 Great link; I didn’t think it originated with Maxine Waters! It’s not a term I’ve ever used and I think it’s passe among the left. For right wing politicians like DeSantis, it’s a simplistic cudgel to use to bludgeon others.

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They have no platform or solutions and they know it. All they have is negativity and fear to counter real solutions to issues. More so now that they have to scramble to cover thier rebellion on Jan. 6. But they’ve been doing it for years. Health care solutions/ Clinton’s blow job. Russian spying / Hillary’s emails. Gun control / transgender kids playing sports. Livable working wages for workers / young girls talking secretly about menstruation. Freedom to an Abortion / Hunters laptop. On and on it goes.

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@NoMore I don’t think they like anything. Maybe not even themselves.

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The only thing the right know how to do is gut government, cut taxes to the wealthy, and attack the left they haven’t had any real policies that helped the working slob for years.

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Yes, it’s for the same reason people back in my small town posted pictures of their guns on Facebook, daring Biden to come take them.

They need to be afraid of the next big liberal scheme.

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I’m more afraid of the next big conservative revolt

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They’re stupid.

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@SQUEEKY2 When Trump cut the taxes, the economy grew. Unemployment in all areas went down. Imagine what could be done if we did tax cuts like that AND gutted the federal government! But we never do. And I blame both parties for that.

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Trump’s tax cuts saved me about $2500 a year. If you work a regular job and just take the standard deduction you came out ahead. Anyone itemizing came out worse. That took care of a bunch of people not paying their share, but it did hurt a lot of small businesses. All in all, those cuts probably yielded more tax revenue.

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