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What is the most frivolous lawsuit that you can make up?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23812points) 2 months ago

Humor welcome.

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Suing a restaurant for not putting enough salt on the fries.

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Couple in China got married. He had never seen her without her makeup. Woke up next morning & found her to look repulsive. He filed a lawsuit for fraud & got a quicky divorce. Sometimes it pays to spend at least one night with the one you think you love!!!

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Trump suing for defamation of character.

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^^ Actually, you can choose any lawsuit he’s filed & it should fit the bill!!!

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I always thought the woman who sued McDonalds for coffee that was too hot was ridiculous. She got burned pretty bad though, weird case.

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@KNOWITALL That was a classic case of big corporate propaganda steamrolling over an injured person when they were entirely at fault. The fact that it is still brought up today, over 30 years later, highlights just how much power the Big Guys have. Frightening.
Recommended read8ng:

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Suing a cosmetics company because you mistook their hair straightener for a microphone.

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@KNOWITALL That case was actually about tort reform. I saw a great documentary about it, that explains that it really wasn’t foolish. If you anyone here has a chance, try to find it and stream it.


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I’m suing you for implying that I’m frivolous.

It’s outrageous and hurtful – and I want a million in Loonies.

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@canidmajor Wow, a lot I was not aware of. Poor lady.

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@JLoon Will you settle for a million doll hairs.

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@RedDeerGuy – You mean a “locked in” agreement ? ;D

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Suing a musician for an ear worm that won’t go away.

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^^ That happens. Well, the earworms that won’t go away part anyway. There are fascinating examples in Oliver Sacks book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

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