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Trump INDICTED by NY Grand Jury! What do you think now?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) 2 months ago

Hell just froze over!

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I think it sucks that you beat me in asking this question first. I would have used the word “douchebag” instead of trump though. Make no mistake, this douchebag is a douchebag.

Douchebag Indicted by NY Grand Jury! When and where is the next one?

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I’m buying stock in popcorn and frozen pizza.

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I’m smiling but still being realistic. This is only step 1. I’m NOT jumping to conclusions on steps 2,3, & 4!!!

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@SQUEEKY2 Sorry…djtj beat you to it!!! It’s because the left is afraid of the p*ssy!!!

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This is all a smoke screen to distract you from the Gwyneth Paltrow verdict.

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It was a bit cold today. Lol.

Don’t get your hopes up. Trump will never see a day in prison. Sorry folks, for being Dr. Buzzkillington…

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This will likely help Trump’s chances of being re-elected..

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@MrGrimm888 I could care less if he does or doesn’t see a jail cell,I just hope he is convicted of one of these felonies so you will be won’t be able to hold any kind of public office ever again.

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^I tell you what. Wish in one hand, and shit in the other. Let me know which one fills up faster…~

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I know, I know but one can hope right??

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^Always bro!

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Ya know the problem with this one ,he used campaign funds to keep Stormy quite, and that is the crime if he had used his own money none of this would be going down.
Just like the Documents if he had simply gave them back when asked we would no nothing of it.
I think the one that might just do it is the phone call to the Georgia politician looking to find him enough votes so he could win.

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@gondwanalon This only energizes his base. The independents and Hillary haters who helped Trump win in 2016 abandoned him in 2020. They aren’t going back to him. They will vote for Mickey Mouse before voting for Trump. Trump’s base is loud but doesn’t have the numbers.

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Nothing has changed for me so far regarding Trump and his Trumpettes. 90% of his groupies will love him till their dying day.

If he goes to jail then from what I understand he can’t be president again. That would be good, but there are still other politicians to worry about, and still millions of Americans who side with the alt-right in the US. Some people don’t even seem to understand who they are in bed with.

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I thought Trump was unfit for office before he was elected and after, before he was indicted and after and whether he is convicted of a crime or not will not affect my opinion that it would be difficult to find anyone less suited to the responsibilities of the highest office in the land than Donald Trump.

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I would love to see him convicted, especially of a felony or two or three.

I don’t expect to ever see him sitting in a jail cell. I would love to see it, but I don’t think it will happen. I think he’ll get the “rich man’s justice” which is probation, fees, fines, maybe an ankle bracelet and then he can luxuriate in his estate in Florida which would be like a vacation for any of us.

The true justice would be if he were never allowed to hold office again.

I agree with @JLeslie that Trump lovers will not ever cease loving him. He’s going to make a lot of money off playing martyr and people sending him money to help with his defense. Hiis bottom line is and always was making money, any way he can.

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Fox is talking about Hillary’s emails, LOL!!

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There’s a famous saying among prosecutors: You can indict a ham sandwich.

This is because evidentiary rules for grand juries are SUPER low. Don’t get excited yet. Further, this whole Stormy Daniels stuff is small potatoes and I think the Republicans actually have a point that this is something no one would ever prosecute for. It’s only because he’s Trump.

The more interesting cases are the Jan 6 related stuff and the Georgia electoral interference stuff. Those are the cases I’m interested in. This Stormy Daniels thing will just create more persecution attitudes among MAGA supporters causing them to inappropriately apply that defense to the cases that matter.

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I’m interested in the outcome more than headlines.

@Entropy Have you watched the full videos of Jan 6th yet? Quite intetesting and much different than portrayed in the bits and pieces the media showed.

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Nothing different than before.

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As of Thursday morning, Trump’s lawyers and aides were going to take the weekend off !

Not now

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I would have preferred starting with tax fraud charges or Jan 6 charges. This case seems too small potatoes to get worked up about. It is like going after Trump for jaywalking. This is the first case of a former president being charged with a crime. If you are going to go after him for something, it should be fairly major.

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@LostInParadise I am guessing the different cases are from different jurisdictions – city, state, federal, and so they all move at their own paces. One of the night time talk show hosts was making a joke about it, in reference to Trump being indicted on a crime, he said “which one of many?” haha

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There is 30felony charges in that sealed indictment ,let’s see how this plays out Stormy is just one.

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@SQUEEKY2 Wow! I didn’t know about the 30 felony charges against Trump.
I just thought that this was all about hush money paid to a prostitute.

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Republicans will only mention the prostitute, as if to minimize the crime.

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@jca2 Stormy was an adult film star not a prostitute.

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@gondwanalon I know you like Trump, but the Don Father brought this on all by himself it’s NOT illegal to pay hush money,but the idiot used campaign funds, (that is VERY illegal)if he had just used his own money we would never even have heard of this.

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This may also be seen as a first step in opening the door to further indictments. Now that the burden of being the first to indict a former president has been removed, others may not be as hesitant to issue an indictment.

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I think Georgia is going to be a pain in his ass!

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Oh yes, the best is yet to come! This is just the tip of the trump sinking iceberg! I think the unsinkable may meet his Titanic after-all!

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@SQUEEKY2 I like Trump? Far from it. I like truth. Trump seems to operate in a world outside of truth.
Sadly truth is something that is scarce in politics in general.

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I think pretty much what I thought a week ago and the month before that. An indictment isn’t a conviction. The crimes he is charged with were misdemeanors whose statute of limitations has expired. He can be charged as felonies but that is infinitely harder to prove than the misdemeanors….and the prosecutors felt the misdemeanor case was weak at best. I think Bragg is just doing this for political gain which might well backfire on him. The DOJ is not happy with him either which means it is even a steeper uphill battle for him.

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@SQUEEKY2 I find it interesting that you correct @jca2 for being inaccurate but then you put out claims that have already been debunked by the facts. Cohen admitted to paying Daniels out of his own pocket and says he never got reimbursed. This is where the case gets so difficult to prove. Cohen already admitted to things that take the heat off Trump. Stormy already had to pay damages for defamation. The only hope they have is to show that (a) campaign funds were used to reimburse Cohen and (b) Trump specifically did that to avoid paying taxes. That is where the felony comes in.

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Trump is toast . . .thirty charges and if the the NYC DA can keep the “autocratic dictatorship” members of the Federal congress ( Jim Jordan Kevin McCarthy and others) from declaring federal rights to overthrow state’s right to the prosecution of cases .

Wait wait isn’t it the states rights to stop abortion.

I get it GOP, wants to be “Big Brother” and control all government . . no need to vote they’ll take care of IT

Hope the DA toasts Trump’s “NUTS” in public ! ! !

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The issue seems petty. And it is. Seems like a witch hunt, and it kind of is.
But. That’s how people like Capone were put in their place.

Trump really brought it on himself. It was his stupid mouth, that got him to this point. His constant misrepresentation of all of his problems, and his shit stirring, make him a problem for everyone. Fucker needs to be locked up.

@KNOWITALL . Jan 6, was EXACTLY how it was portrayed. The whole day hasn’t been fully represented. But. The important facts are crystal clear. Please don’t tell me you think dozens of people organized, showed up armed, while hundreds of others crawled up the walls and invaded the Capital Building, causing the deaths of six people, and forming a lynchmob (yes, a LYNCH MOB!) to HANG the Vice President of the United States of America, with good intentions of touring a government building…...
Not trying to start a fight here. What was your interpretation of the Jan 6th insurrection?

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Smoke and mirrors

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@LadyMarissa….did you say “The left is afraid of the pussy?” Where did you get that idea?

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Poor guy. Now he will have no more time to do live streams with his friends Obama and Biden

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^^ LOL!! ^^

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I just read the below on Facebook. It was written by an acquaintance of mine who lives locally. I’ve had the pleasure of attending some of his presentations on legal topics. Here’s what he wrote about Trump:

As a retired criminal defense lawyer, I will go out on a limb and say that Trump will likely never come to trial before the 2024 election. There are just too many ways his cases can be delayed.

The most likely reason I see at this time is interlocutory appeals, i.e., an appeal to a higher court of the trial judge’s ruling before the case even goes to trial. One issue might be a statute of limitations. Trump need not have a winning issue, merely a plausible one.

I once represented a murder defendant for 5 years without going to trial, and I wasn’t even trying to delay the case. I simply took appeals which I felt I had to take, and the prosecution even had taken one appeal.

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^^ I think the appeals process should be changed. That is ridiculous!

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I think he should be issued an orange jumpsuit to match his hair. : )

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