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MLB season starts today! Who is your team?

Asked by Caravanfan (12808points) 2 months ago

Go Padres!

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Cubs are undefeated!

I say this while living in Brewers Land.

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@Jonsblond And the Padres got shelled by the Rockies.

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I was raised on the Cubs, but these days I like the Rockies as well. Cubs vs. Rockies? I’m rooting for the Cubbies!

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Go Mariners!

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I have recently discovered that there is a team in Eugene Oregon that has named themselves the Exploding Whales after the famous video from Eugene Oregon where a decomposing whale… exploded. This is the greatest name, and I hereby declare them to be ‘my team’.

Though technically I live halfway between Baltimore and Washington and have gone to both Nats and O’s games. But I’m not really a huge fan of either.

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St Louis Cardinals, of course! I’m not that into baseball but half of the state was at the opener yesterday.

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I’m far from a fan of baseball; however, living in Georgia, I’d be considered a traitor if I didn’t express my love for the Braves!!!

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NY Mets. They need me more than the others. Red Sox #2.

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Teams. Reds and Nationals.

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When the Giants come to town, it’s “Bye, Bye, Baby!”

Fan since 1962.

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The, uh, mighty ducks?

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Los Santos Saints

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Santos del Diablo!

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I am am A’s fan.
That means I live a life of dashed hopes and heartache, but as a moderate, I’m used to it.

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@filmfann And they won yesterday. It just shows why Shohei needs to be traded. He was absolutely lights out (10 strikeouts) and Renfroe had on over the shoulder catch. And they still lost.

I’m an A’s fan too, but I’m hard pressed to know even 2 people on the team now.

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I was raised among Tigers fans. I went to a few games in 1984 when they were in 1st place from opening day until they won the World Series. Yowza. Great fun.

Now I’m in Milwaukee and I have not been to a Brewers game. I gotta go this year. It would be wonderful to see them match the Bucks’ success.

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@Call_Me_Jay I hate you. You beat the Padres in the 1984 World Series. I watched every game on my little TV in college.

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@Caravanfan The defeat of Goose Gossage was delicious

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Was just joking about it this past weekend how whenever I told anyone I was a padres fan back in the 80’s, they would say “Oh, I’m so sorry.” But they’ve gotten so much better over the years.

Though I don’t follow it as closely now as I used to then. I think mostly growing up, it was a lot of bonding time with my dad.

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@raum The Padres are currently fielding their best team ever. They are loaded. They still might lose, but they are really fun to watch. I got an MLB subscription so I can see them this year.

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